View Full Version : Fuu Hououji from Magic Knight Rayearth artbook costume

Hametsu no Kaze
02-20-2006, 06:03 PM
I'm planning on making an outfit of Fuu's which is seen in the artbooks. I have been pondering a couple of things for it and thought I'd see if I could get some advice. fuu reference (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v694/feuetvent/fuuref1.jpg)

I am not sure how to get the right look for the skirt. Any suggestions? Should the material just be gathered at the top with a petticoat underneath?

What would be good for keeping the off-white/white/light green piece held up like it is on the artbook cover? I want to avoid it just dropping straight down.

What fabrics would be good for this? I'm thinking light natural-looking fabrics, no shine (sheen would be accetable, she is a magical girl after all). the cloak part needs some body, so probably more of a medium weight fabric for that. at least that's what I'm thinking..... any opinions? suggestions? I'd be lying if I said price wasn't an issue but for now let's put it aside as I'm willing to spend more for nicer fabrics for this one.
edit: I actually picked up/ordered some material but for what I ordered I need to see it before I decide if it's okay so suggestions still welcome

Makeup-wise I am thinking a fairly natural look consisting of foundation, lip gloss or a light fairly matte pink, eyeliner, and fake eyelashes. but I have never tried fake eyelashes before and don't know what to get to hopefully make my eyes pop a little more but still look natural. I'd also like to get green contacts but I am not sure if I am going to yet.

any suggestions for making the jewlrey? thinking either I experiment with resin or go with those glass marble things for the gems but how do I do the rest? should I also experiment with wonderflex?

Thanks for any help in advance!