View Full Version : Soul Calibur III references pics?

02-27-2006, 08:19 PM
This is what we get for wanting to do 2p costumes... I HAVE the game (Soul Calibur III), but no easy way to get screeshots from my PS2 to my comp, so if anyone has the means to take some shots or has any good pics of the following costumes I will be ETERNALLY grateful.:

~Siegfried 2p costume (short hair, gold/red tunic)
~Kilik 2p costume (long yellow robe, blue pants)
~Voldo 2p costume (sun/moon mask, teal/gold outfit)

I have SCOURED the intarwebs looking for screenshots, and been terribly unlucky. I managed to get ahold of the concept illustration for Seigfried, but the detail is sketchy.

Additionally, any good shots of said characters' weapons (other than their defaults) would make me exceptionally happy. ^^;;; Particularly Soul Caliber/Soul edge weapons. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

04-13-2006, 02:23 PM
:geek: you should go to this website:http://soulcalibur3.us:geek: