View Full Version : Katsucon 9 Survival Con Report

Ranma Saotome
02-18-2003, 09:47 PM
Well the time is now oh say... 9:43 PM and I am home. I just ate, showered, watched some Ranma 1/2. ^^ But here is my full review. And FYI, this was my very first Katsucon 9.


I had gotten up around 4 AM and made my way to meet Oshi in Trenton with The Ryujin Mike. I missed the 4:39AM train and waited for the 4:59 one. That threw my trip into whack. So I ended up catchinhg a train from Penn Station in NY, not NJ. Got to Trenton around 8. Then we were off. We caught early Philly traffic, but it wasn't a problem. Oshi forgot my cheesesteak (I forgive you bro :), but it was all good with the anime music. On the way down we hit DC traffic and saw a few F-15 fighter jets up in the air. We finally got there around 12 PM. Found Studmaster, changed into costumes and went out on the con and had fun. I did end up meeting a lot of cosplayers from Cosplay.com. ^^ Later on we found about the massive snow storm coming in, but we didn't think it was going to be that bad. I checked out the AMV contest since my vid was in it. It got some good reviews and the fans enjoyed it. The K9 AMVs were SO MUCH BETTER than AZ 2002. Later that night I rehearsed for our upcoiming FF Opera skit. Plus I was bitten by cute bunny girl. :)


Well I decided to change into my Ryu Kumon costume and some Ranma-fanatics figured out who I was. I couldn't wear my Kyosuke Kagami costume because I left the black shirt home and Jezeroth left the jacket at home. ^^;;; Don't worry bro, it's all good. :) We practiced our skit some more, but to our dismay, it was cancelled and we all joined other skits, so that wasn't a big deal. I did run into my friend Oshidori who was Herb from Ranma 1/2. I was also in my Ranma costume as well. There's one of the both us on cosplay.com somewhere, but I'm in no mood to find it. ^^; That night I was running around as Mog the Moogle. That night, I was glomped, hugged, groped and fondled by various fan girls. :)


We woke up to a shitload of snow. People actually made an attempt to go home. It was safer to be in the hotel. We basically schlepped around, talking and hanging out with peeps. There was a mini Invader Zim marathon and game show. At the closing ceremonies, they declared the con Katsucon 9.1! :D

Monday and Tuesday:

We rigged Yukicon 1. We packed everyone into a room and just partied our asses off! WHOO!!!!! And then today we cam home.


For my first Katsucon, I had a great time. To me, everything was just perfect. I just feel bad that I didn't get a chance to meet everyone from cosplay.com, but I think I got their pictures. I hope to be back next year for Katsucon 10!