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02-19-2003, 11:56 AM
Ok i know last year at the expo they allowed airsoft gun but i cant find the weapon rules on their site. Oh god i hope they still allow these i just got a m-16 A1 vitnam molde from airsoft... This is really going to suck if they dont allow them any more. an i might have to go to the ani-magic insted -_-;; Please if anyone know this info please help me.

02-19-2003, 06:52 PM
hmmm....I kinda find interesting that you couldn't find the weapon's policy cuz it's right here:

Anime Expo 2003 Weapons Policy (Subject to Change)

All weapons worn as props (simulations, replicas, etc.) must conform to the "Dangerous Weapons Control Law," part 4, title 2, section 12000-12654 of the California Penal Code (CPC). All such props must be registered with Anime Expo Convention Services for compliance. For more information on the CPC, please go to http://www.caag.state.ca.us/firearms/dwcl/index.html.
California law prohibits convention attendees from carrying genuine firearms whether loaded or unloaded. All genuine firearms must be checked with the hotel at the door. Any convention member found to have firearms in their possession (except those covered under section 12002 of the CPC) at the convention is subject to felony arrest and confiscation of their weapon by the Orange County Sheriff's Department. Furthermore, they will have their membership revoked by the SPJA, and be asked to leave and check out of the hotel.
All functional weapons such as swords, crossbows, knives, throwing knives/stars, bows, boomerangs, darts, rocket launchers, tazer (stun guns), etc., are prohibited. Replicas of said weapons, which are used as props or display, are allowed but MUST BE INSPECTED, APPROVED, AND PEACE BONDED BY CONVENTION SERVICES. You may contact Convention Services by stopping by Convention Operations, location TBA.
Convention Services must inspect all dangerous-looking or potentially hazardous items. The Anaheim Convention Center and Anime Expo Hotel personnel reserve the right to insist on inspection and clearance of all such items and props. The bearer will be required to sign a legal waiver excluding anyone else from legal obligation concerning the prop and any damage(s) resulting from its use. Full information concerning the owner of the prop (name, membership number, room number, phone number, address, etc), plus a description of the item itself will be kept by security.
The SPJA would like to give its costumed attendees as much leeway as possible to get into character. However, especially considering recent events, we urge you to exercise common sense and courtesy. Please remember that the SPJA bears no responsibility for the use of prop weapons, and that any misbehavior may result in a tightening of our weapons policy in the future.
We require that all prop weapons be peace-bonded to prevent accidental usage. The owner/bearer of the prop weapon is solely responsible for it and its usage, even if he/she is not the wielder. Convention Services will be happy to peace-bond your prop weapon at no charge.

This was taken from their website at this address:


02-19-2003, 07:24 PM
Yeah i happen to find later that day after i clamed down... I complety forgot i posted this... but thank you ling_xiaoyu
I really sorry for this, i get like this when i get exided and cant find some right off the bat