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03-09-2006, 10:37 PM
Well I took a chance and bought the new Final Fight: Streetwise. Yeah they could've done more with it and the plot, but oh well. Don't mind a bit of an update on a classic.

They've got some new costumes for the old FF characters of Cody, Haggar, and Guy. Going to be doing the new Guy costume hopefully for any summer cons I go to!! Pretty much his costume is a modified version of his Street Fighter Alpha outfit. A bit more detail and the yellow trim is pretty much taken out. It's more of a combination of the black portions from the original FF and the red costume from SFA. He does keep the Nikes however!:bigtu:

As for Cammy, she does make a cameo in the game as a pit fighter Kyle (the main character and Cody's little brother) has the option of fighting. So for any Cammy cosplayers out there you have at least a couple more outfits to choose from. A modified version of her MI6 "dress" uniform with the gauntlets having a new "steel" addition to them and from a pic in the game manual you could say she's wearing an "urban" outfit. I'd have to get a scan of the pic in so some of you could see that. Oh, almost forgot another Cammy costume that can be done is the "dress" uniform shown in the new comic from Udon. These outfits are all based off of the Street Fighter II main costume. Not Alpha.

03-14-2006, 06:53 AM
I NEED TO SEE!!!!!!!!!!!

I've already started on the dress from the Udon comic where she's at Chun-Li's dad's grave, as well as a Delta Red mission uniform that she was wearing in #7. I can't wait to see some scans and screenshots from the game, pleeeeeeeeease, I love Cammy!!!

I have to put this awesome news on my website. Someone buy me a PS2 or something!

03-14-2006, 05:08 PM
When I get a chance this week I'll scan in the pic from the manual. Take in mind it's a black and white pic. As for a screenshot of her in action, give me a bit of time to scrounge that one up.:bigtu: