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03-18-2006, 09:17 PM
I heard that some people had plans to attend it, and if so what day, and what time, maybe people attending could meet up and get to know one another better. or make new costuming friends, i know i will probably wear my yukata, what about others?

03-19-2006, 03:30 PM
I'm going. Doing the Sasuke thing.

03-19-2006, 04:05 PM
See this thread under member gatherings- Tess' posts provide the specifics:

03-20-2006, 08:50 PM
Going as Youko Kurama. Need to fix the tail. Scaring tourists on the Metro is fun.

03-21-2006, 06:45 PM
Going as Girly!Atsushi Kisarazu from Prince of Tennis. I'll have a Girly!Ryou with me ^^

03-21-2006, 07:59 PM
See this thread under member gatherings- Tess' posts provide the specifics:
Yes, please check out my thread. ^___^ I'd love to have as many people as possible attend the gathering, as it was a lot of fun last year and I've high hopes for this year, too!

@-->--- Tess

03-21-2006, 08:58 PM
Crud, I found out that i have to go check out this one college that same weekend which sucks horribly cause they don't have my major, i'm just going for a friend, blah hope you guys have a great time anyway!!

03-22-2006, 05:15 PM
Can anyone tell me when the gathering is exactly? I tried asking in that thread but they like, ignored me. :/ And I found very vauge informationg that said 11-12 but I want to make sure.

03-22-2006, 06:14 PM
Look above at the Link that both Tess and I provided- its the first post on the page!!
Okay, since we have less than a month until the gathering, here are ALL of the specifics. Sorry for the length; I like to ramble.

>> Who: ALL Cosplay.com members, regardless of where you live [this is NOT a Maryland-specific gathering] or what you're wearing.

>> What: A meet/greet and photoshoot at the Washington, DC Cherry Blossom Festival, followed by a group trip [for those interested] to the Sakura Matsuri street festival.

>> When: Saturday, April 8th @ 1PM.

>> Where: The steps of the Jefferson Memorial.

>> Why: Fun. ^____^

>> Details: Okay, to get to the Jefferson Memorial, you are going to need to either drive over or take the metro to the Smithsonian stop. It'll be a bit of a hike from the metro stop, as you're going to have to trek all the way around the tidal basin, but the blossoms are GORGEOUS and there are tons of people around to ask for directions, so don't worry about getting lost. [I get lost a lot, so if I can make it, you can too. XP] We'll be meeting on the front steps of the Jefferson Memorial, and trust me, it's ENORMOUS, so you won't be able to miss it. Just look for people in costumes -- Aine-chan and I will try to get there an hour early or so, and we'll both be sporting BLEACH garb. [I may bring a big sign that says "Cosplay.com Gathering" on it, but am not sure if I really want to tote it around all day. ^____^;] ANYWAY, we'll just park on the steps until it seems most of us have arrived, at which point we'll search for a quiet spot near the back of the Jefferson Memorial for picture-taking and such. Will probably want to do a silly "meet & greet" thing, just so we can all match faces to usernames [I'm AWFUL with faces, so I apologize in advance to anyone I can't place]. Then take some group pictures, as well as series-specific pictures, and hang out for a bit.

03-22-2006, 08:52 PM
Look above at the Link that both Tess and I provided- its the first post on the page!!
O_o that wasn't there before... >_> Thanks! ^_^ *feels dorky*

04-03-2006, 09:58 AM
As long as things go well for Mishima and myself, we should be attending the festival this coming weekend as well. Hopefully, I'll be rocking my Vegeta cosplay.

04-03-2006, 11:38 AM
Hey Vegita we had a ball on Saturday! Thanks for coming down to the festival you and mishima were awesome! Pass the Sasuke!

04-06-2006, 09:08 AM
going as Akatsuki~ I served in volunteer too~
at art's and crafts~ at Sat, And I heard bunch of ppl are going to meet at the Jefferson monument:chatah:

04-06-2006, 08:10 PM
xD y'all are mentioned on the Sakura Matsuri website :rockon:

Winters Knight
04-06-2006, 10:44 PM
I and Angela should be there on this coming saturday. I don't know that I'll wear anything special though. I want to be comfortable and all that. I'm blonde by the way, and my hair is usually up in a ponytail or a bun with a big chunk or long bangs hanging down (think Ino with short hair). If you see me say Hi if any of you are going that day!

04-10-2006, 11:31 AM
Any details on how Saturday turned out for everyone?

I was in DC doing some costume business with a seamstress, and everything was such a mess with the rain and all. It was cold a miserable.
Did the parade even get started?

(oh wait nevermind...I didn't even see Para's post :mad: )

Sunday was an awesome day with walking around the Mall, even though most of the Cherry trees have lost their blossoms and we're back to green tree buds.

04-10-2006, 10:21 PM
I'd rather not talk about my experience...
I made a promise to wear an outfit I wasn't comfortable with.
I rained all day long and from what I heard from others who were there, it wasn't too great. If that helps you out.