View Full Version : CCS Winter Uniform Help? [Scarf, Cane]

03-26-2006, 12:08 AM
Planning on buying and having the black shirts and white skirt/black shotrs, myself and my partner are making a Card Captor Sakura duo cosplay of Li and Sakura's winter school outfits.

Kinomoto Sakura (Images from Cosaru.com):


The Character and Basic Look


Basic Front View of Scarf


Back View of Scarf


Side View of Scarf


Knot of Scarf

Syaoran Li:


Basic Character and Look

We seem to have run into a bit of a rut, as we thought that the 'scarf' was all one piece, but apparently we've heard it's two. A scarf and a collar. I was wondering if there was a pattern out there available for general school uniform collars, that I could mod to have the nifty little back that their uniforms do.

Also, we have -some- idea of how to tie those knots, as my partner practised on a USB cord (we are the epidomy of nerd..), but we've come to the realization that they tie their scarves a different way. Sailors tie their knots up and down, which is how my partner learned to do it, while Li and Sakura tie their school knots side to side! Any know how to do this?

As for the Sealing Staff, I'm wondering if I can make such a thing in the limited amount of time I had.


Is there a simple way to make such a thing, that won't break easily? I plan on making one entirely out of wood and paint in the very near future, but that would take a couple of weeks. Someone I know suggested a large dowel rod - an inch in diameter - along with coloured clay for the head and bottom, paint for the rod, and fake gems for the accents on the headpiece.

Thanks for helping. ^_^ I really appreciate it.