View Full Version : Inuyasha's human hair--hope I can put this here

04-15-2006, 11:41 AM
If this isn't the right place.. because its talking about his hair.....but.....

ooh I think for my human Inuyasha I was going to use my own hair.. its very thick and I hope by the time A-kon comes it will be long enough... but... I don't know how to exactly style it... like the side tendrils and stuff.

here in a little bit when I get a camera (which is soon, today) I will take a picture of my hair and show you guys to see if anyone of ya can help me out. I am going to use a wig for hanyou, but wanted to use my human hair for the human Inu.....

04-15-2006, 11:59 AM
Heehee... human Inu... I know what you mean, of course, but technically it means human dog which is just silly, but anyways... on to the topic.

I would have to say you'll probably want to cut your hair similar to his. Also, to keep the front pieces in front and the rest in back you could use bobby pins behind your ears. Using two to make an "X" usually keeps it from sliding. You probably will have trouble doing the exact shape for the sides though cause actual human hair doesn't really do that.

For the bangs I would say using a hair curler (if you don't have one, I suggest getting a ceramic one. I have a Conair one which doubles as a straightener and a curling iron and can be used on wet or dry hair.) You can use some volumizing hair spary to keep it in place and give it a little extra fluffiness. Make sure you don't get anything that will weight down your hair.

I don't know if you have frizzy hair at all. Sometimes thick hair gets that. If you do, I highly suggest getting a de-frizzer spray for the back, main part of the hair. Since you're growing it out, you also want to make sure that you get your hair trimmed at least every six months, if not, less, to get off the split ends.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

04-15-2006, 12:10 PM
thank you so much for the quick advise on how to help me ^^ I hope I can do this...as this will be my first time cosplaying as inuyasha of course... and only second time dressing up.

I call Inuyasha that call the time for short.. hehe