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Space Invader
02-23-2003, 10:26 PM
Hmm... I have decided to push back my Kaoru plugsuit and make Hikaru from Angelic Layer for A-Kon. Only problem - I was wondering what in god's name I can use to make her "earmuffs", shoulder pieces and knuckle plates. I was thinking fiberglass would be good for the ear pieces, and then maybe upholstery foam covered with white spandex for the shoulder and knuckle plates.

I was thinking about getting a pair of white rainboots (or something similar) for her shoes. Basically, something white without laces.

For the rest of her suit I'll be using spandex and metallic gold vinyl (the red spandex has little holographic sparkles in it! Whoo!).

The large screws I was thinking maybe something like Paperclay. Anyone have experience with this stuff? I know it has a smoother texture than Celluclay, but as far as durability goes, I'm in the dark. I can't vacuuform at this point in time because of lack of materials (namely, a Shopvac and a place to store the table).

Comments? Suggestions?

..... please? :thumbsup:

Hikaru Tsuki
02-24-2003, 12:25 AM
For the headset, you can purchuse dollar-store headphones and repaint them. As for the shoulder pads and knuckle guards, an easy, comfortable solution would be to make them out of fabric, lightly stuff them and sew them in place. That was how I planned out my Hikaru costume, which was unfortunately dropped after I was fed up with spandex. =P