View Full Version : Ideas to help fix food issue - opinions?

04-24-2006, 05:50 PM
So over the past few months we've been discussing a few ideas to help with the on main issue of NAF, the lack of food nearby. I won't go into details (Unless Mark gives the okay for it.) but we have a few ideas in mind and opinions or suggestions would help a lot!

- Pizza should will be returning this year, so that's one food option.
- All day (which is really from mid morning until just before dinnertime) barbecue with hamburgers, hot dogs (also a few vegetarian friendly options) and whatnot.
- Aside from the regular pay as you eat approach, the idea of a food stamp card may be put into works, which means that you'd pay a certain amount of cash for a card which has a certain number of spots. And each item of food you get, you get a stamp on the card. Anyone think that is a good idea? ^^;

Other than that, we're still working on other ideas. If any of you smart and wonderful people have suggestions please share! We want to make all aspects of the con good for everyone. =)

~ Mekou
NAF Con Chair & Masquerade Director (Rawr!)