View Full Version : Hotel mates at the con in NJ

08-02-2002, 08:30 PM
I'm very disapointed to see your reaction to us at the Hotel. Granted there were a few who lost control of themselves and they were frowned upon by us as well. I, among other people, were interested in speaking with you. As far as Hotel employees looking down upon us, they were doing the same with you. I think they were shocked by the two groups and simply wanted to sit on the fence and not make any enemies. I am a fan of Anime. I admit you people probably know a lot more about them than I, but I own some movies and enjoy them very much. I tried numerous time to gather information about your group. I was pretty excited to speak with people who shared the same interests. I approached a few groups of you and was either ignored or looked upon with scorn and resentment. A huge dispointment. No one wanted to push you into your rooms. As far as calling the police, if that's what you felt you need to feel safe, do it, thats what they are there for. Maybe asking us to quiet down or to stop whatever was annoying you would have sufficed? I think if both camps had of communicated more we both could have learned alot and had really had a good time! I was a bit shocked to see the mudslinging that was done here by some. To be honest none of us really had any hard feelings or resentment towards any of you. As I stated ealier, communication could have solved all these things.

Glad to see though that you all were able to still enjoy yourselves! We had a great time as well! Maybe in the future we can all be a bit more open and friendly next time!