View Full Version : Need Help with Hugo from Gensui 3...-; ;-

02-25-2003, 07:21 PM
Ara...I've been thinking about this forever, but I'm still stuck on it...

You see, I've been working on the Hugo costume for a while, I was planning to make it for the Katsucon, but it didn't get done in time (so I just went normally).. I got stuck on how to make his over tunic thingie (don't know exactly what to call it..-x_x;;). I was thinking the fabric was leather...(so I've been keeping an eye out for pleather...but I still have yet to find it...gods does Rockville have the crappiest fabric stores..-x_X;;) but then exactly how would I make the design on it? I was also thinking of just painting the design on...but then it'll look so fake...unless I get _really_ good fabric pant... my last idea was to cut pieces of different color fabric out and sewing them on....but that'd be too noticable, so, I dunno WHAT to do..Any of you have ideas? =X