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05-22-2006, 07:18 PM
Ok. So I'm doing Final Form Sora for my ctCon cosplay.

Problem 1: I need it to look like i am floating. I had an idea but I need opinoins. OK? so do you know of the shoes called Heelys (wheely Shoes)? I was thinking of those Good or Bad Idea?

Problem 2: The wig, How am i gonna pull it off? any ideas?

Problem 3: Too many Problems? *shot*

05-22-2006, 08:06 PM
Problem 1: I agree with you on the Heelys it's an awesome idea... if you practice and get good on them, that would just look so so so awesome.
Problem 2: My only advice on that is try to use a wig style that is made to go upwards, like a "punky" kind of thing, it really helped me on my Kratos(ToS) wig, and take your time, don't rush step back and take a break every so often ect.
Problem 3:... take your time... best advice I've ever been given to me is to take your time and not get too upset if something doesn't work just right.
I just finished my DiZ costume, which had it's own little problems, so good luck!! ^^;

05-22-2006, 08:26 PM
if I recall, the keyblades float behind Sora in Final Form right? I might have a solution to that problem: fishing line. Useing the clear stuff, you can get the illusion of the keyblades floating behind while riding around on your Heelys, just make sure youve got enough room to pass through a door XD

05-23-2006, 07:04 PM
I'm going as Final Form Sora to AMA, and the way I see it, unless I have an adequate amount of time, I'm going to end up having to surrender and be gravity-bound. But I have hope for you!
My suggestion is to go with the fishing line idea, although I have no clue how you're going to attach it to yourself. I guess it all depends on how heavy your keyblades are. If they're foamy, you should have a hell of a lot less trouble than if they were say, made out of wood, like mine will be ^^' The Heelys are also a great idea.

With the wig, if you end up styling it yourself, try to use as little gel as possible, but a LOT of hair spray. Too much gel will make you hair look clumpy instead of pretty and flexible like Sora's, while the right hair spray will make your wig into a helmet (like you want it to be for all-day cosplay wear) and it'll have a less-clumpy appearance. As for gel, go for the hard-up kind that is made specifically for spikey-ness. I suggest Matrix Dirty Trix (or Tough Trix..I can't remember >.<) hair product. It's a very hard putty-like stuff that looks and feels a little like plaster. Use it for the finer spikes, like Sora's bangs. I used it to style the bangs on my Riza Hawkeye wig, and it came out looking a little like Cloud from FFVII. As for the rest of the wig, try a more gel-based product that you can just run through the hair to give it some stiffness, and then spray it from underneath with hair spray. I suggest the kind in an aerosol can, not the spray bottle. Be patient and take your time! It'll take a while, especially if the wig has no initial spikey-ness to it.
Good luck!

05-23-2006, 07:54 PM
O My God you people rock now i know I'm not totally insane for the heely idea. And I will use fishing line maybe I'll attach it the the back of the coat or something. And I'll be sure to get picks this summer of the Wig. The ideas are awesome thank you so much for the wig ideas and floating ideas guys/gals.

Rip Van Winkle
05-23-2006, 10:41 PM
I'm not sure what heelies are exactly...but I'm going to assume they're either pumps with transparent bottoms, or shoes with wheels in them?

If they're pumps with transparent bottoms...regardless of how clear they are, you'll still be able to see them, so I dunno how you'll feel about that.

If they're shoes with wheels, you may want to check the con's policy on rollerblades/skates, because most cons (that I go to at least,) don't allow them.

As for the keyblades floating behind you, I can tell ya how I'LL be doing it..

Thin but strong wire. A harness will wrap around my back and the wires will poke out through the back of the shirt. They'll point upward and out to the sides a bit so they hold the keyblades a short distance AWAY from my body. Using fishing line will only make them hang around you, and they're not supposed to touch ya. The wires themselves though...they'll loop around the shafts and perhaps hilts of both keyblades. When I walk, the wires will allow the blades to kinda bob behind me, so with every step, they'll "jiggle" to my movements.

The wig, well, I took a medium-length (+bangs) wig from cosworx's store and got both hairspray and hairgel. The hairspray was just some herbal essences stuff I hadn't needed for a while, and it worked well. Take the hair and gell the spot where you want the tips to be, and ONLY gell the tips. Spray the rest...and do it one spike at a time. When it's dry, you cut the excess hair off of it and re-gel the tips as needed. I did mine by starting with Sora's bangs, moving up to the top of the wig, doing each side, and then the top-most spikes.

Hope that helps.