View Full Version : One female roommate wanted!

Luna Selene
05-24-2006, 11:25 PM
EDIT: THE SPACE IS TAKEN. Thanks for your inquiries!


I have a room at the Radisson for Thursday through Saturday nights, and I'd like one more female roommate in my room! So far it's myself and four other girls and we want to keep it an all-girl room. Sorry to any guys who wanted to join.

Here's the necessary info:

- The cost for all three nights, including taxes, will be $85. This can be paid in money order or personal check, made out to me. I'll let you know who to make it out to and where to send it provided you agree to rooming with my friends and I.

- You'll probably be sleeping on the floor, so be prepared for that. Most of us are flying in, not driving, so we won't be able to pack extra blankets and the like in case you need one.

- The five of us in the room already are all cosplayers with multiple costumes. We should have enough space, but just so you know...there will probably be costume parts and wigs scattered around. I'm sure anyone interested from these forums, however, won't have a problem. :D

-For the most part, all of us are either in our very late teens or early twenties, if you're concerned about age range.

-No smoking, drinking, or parties in the room, please. This is non-negotiable!

-We would PREFER someone who needs a room for all three nights. I'll take into consideration those who only need one or two nights, but if someone is willing to stay for three, they'll get first pick.

Please PM me here if interested! Thanks so much!