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02-28-2003, 06:24 PM
The "have you seen me" thread for me.
I know you Suikoden cosplayers saw me... you invited me here. But I wonder who else saw me?

I had some random conversations in elevators and whatnot. We talked about Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. Someone asked me if I was from Wild Arms. Also, I spent much of my time sitting on a chair in front of the sign-in tables at the art room (people kept asking us official Katsucon questions, thinking we were staff, but we were guests. =P) Sunday and Monday I decostumed, and wore jeans and a black shirt with a black hoodie, and a long bright red scarf. The scarf was rather unmissable; it's the kind of thing that gets me random compliments from people at school. (But... it was my Silverberg scarf. No one would have known that, though. ^^;;) I also had headphones and a CD player on a lot of the time, because crowds and people start to have a stressful effect on me after a while, but music calms that down.

I don't know if anybody else noticed me... lots of people took my picture (I am so not photogenic... argh.) But if you saw me and I don't know that you saw me or don't know who you are, let me know and make me happy, because I feel like other than the hardcore Suikoden fans, probably not many people noticed me. ^^;;

03-01-2003, 11:49 PM
i think i sew u ^_^, i was white mage with a sigh and fairly too.

Giant Alucard
03-03-2003, 07:42 AM
I think I was with you once in a elevator. I was a really tall alucard cosplayer, just without the hat............

03-03-2003, 08:55 AM
Yay! People saw me and I feel noticed. ^^