View Full Version : Important NAF Issue - Food

06-10-2006, 05:52 PM
Due to the lack of volunteers, we won't be running the BBQ we were trying to get organized. As many attendees of previous years know, food is not close by. It's a 20 minute walk at least. We cannot fix this. The college won't open up it's food services to us until we're pulling in more people.

So if you do not have vehicle or extra change for the bus, I highly suggest you plan to bring your own foods and drinks to keep you hydrated and healthy. =)

Pizza and pop will be ordered in the afternoon, but they go very fast! Vending machines are scattered all over the college, so those can provide some snacking food as well.

We are terribly sorry for the inconveinience but we have been trying to find do-able solutions but we just don't have the man power to run anything yet.

~ Mekou, the Con Chair of Doom (Who says you can't be silly even with a high level position. =D <3)

07-05-2006, 12:55 AM
that sucks and all, but hey if you're allowed bringing your own food, who am I to complain ^-^