View Full Version : Yu Gi Oh-Malik

06-19-2006, 08:04 PM
i want to make 2 costumes. Im having trouble on the easier one. Im making a costume as Malik From Yu Gi Oh and im trying to figure out
1. How i can get those necklace and armlets
2. How i can get the earrings without piercing my ears
3. Should i make his shirt outta a hoodie or sow it from scratch
4. The Millenum rod i made outta a shower towel holder will that be considered against the rules?

This is my first attempt at cosplaying. Im trying to make an Ansem one. If you can help with an ansem costume please give me idea. So far i think i can use a trench coat and sow on the junk. The gloves look cool but i dunno how to make em should i just sow on extra material to the glove and make them button or what. Also if anyone knows where i can buy Purple and Yellow contacts id really appreciate it.