View Full Version : 3-4 Roommates Needed. *Marriott Inner Harbor*

06-22-2006, 07:46 PM
Edit: As of right now, the room is full ♥ Thanks everyone!

We're staying at the Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor - location #1 on Otakon's map. The reservation is for Thursday-Saturday, (checking out on Sunday) and so I would prefer people who are staying for all 3 nights. We have two double beds requested, and while I can request a roll-away, someone may wind up on the floor.

Other people in the room are myself, (f/25) CountD777, (m/28) and a third who is not a member of this board. (m/25)

-For legal reasons, please no one under 18, unless you happen to be accompanied by your legal guardian.

-Please no smoking in the room, or anything that will result in us being kicked out of the room. (If you're a wild party animal and plan to bring it back to the room, we're not that sort of group and you'll be happier elsewhere.)

-Price, at this point, depends on the number of people in the room. Payment will be expected on Thursday. (Cash or money order is fine. If you want to paypal, that can be arranged as well.)

For more details or if you have any questions, PM me. Serious inquiries only, please.

neko rinchan
06-24-2006, 09:28 AM
I PM'ed you...