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There's also a movie on the site that shows some more, including several game characters.


I'm thinking of trying to do a Pit cosplay, based on the new Smash Bros Brawl version of Pit. It doesn't look too hard to start with, since the costume would be mostly made up of small accessories that are completely seperate.

I thought I'd start with his bow, preferably getting it built this weekend, and ready to paint. It's hard to tell from the photos, but in the movie, it shows he splits it in half in the middle, and uses it as two swords as well. I have a pool skimmer that has two pipes that slide into each other, with a plastic clip in the middle to hold them together without twisting. The clip rests inside the innermost tube, and you depress it on either side (Through two holes on opposite sides of the pipe) to allow the tubes to slide apart. It is hard to explain, so I may take a picture in a day or two. I need to get my own digital camera...

I swiped the clip from a broken pool net, so I have one to use. I picked up a couple pieces of PVC pipe as well. A piece of 1/2" schedule 40 fits pretty closely inside a piece of 3/4" thin-wall PVC pipe, so I'll just have to press the tiny bit of the clip that protrudes from a pair of holes I will drill. and slide them apart. The result is one handle is thinner than the other, but I think that should be fine.

I think if I sand off the (shiny) exterior of the PVC, they should be easy to paint to get the finished appearance.

What I'm thinking about now is how to make the blades (The blue and gold part). Currently, I'm thinking that if I get some flat material (Probably between 1/2" to 3/4" thick and with enough surface to cut out each blade as one whole piece) I can cut them out two-dimensionally, trim the edges to vaguely resemble a blade, and mount it inside the end of the handle. Painting could be done with just spray-paint before mounting.

What do you guys think? Currently, I'm thinking on materials for the blade, and suggestions on attaching the blade to the end of a PVC pipe. Any suggestions on what to try or to avoid while painting would be nice too. Also, I may do a thrift-store / flea market run and look for a white sheet to make the toga from, and a blue shirt and shorts to get the majority of the clothing portion of the costume settled.

06-22-2006, 09:00 PM
The ideas and plans that you have gathered thus far are very solid! I am also excited to see a Pit cosplayer with his new design. Foam core, insulation foam, and wood are all materials that would be appropriate choices for the blade (it simply depends upon the tools to which you have access or would prefer to use. Foam board/Core can be shaped with naught but an X-acto knife, Insulation foam can be shaped with a knife, saw, and a sander, and the latter two also require sanding for the edges.)
Acryllic or enamel paints will easily enhance the blades (if you make them from foam, any porous edges must be filled, which can be accomplished by spreading wood glue on the surface.) In the blue areas, do you intend to create a three-dimensional texture, or do you wish to paint the designs into it? You could easily observe both methods, but it depends upon whether you view the designs as having two or three dimensions. ^_^

06-22-2006, 09:08 PM
A friend of mine did costume for a con just last week, and she had a paint she used to get a slightly raised texture for some details. I don't see any reason why I can't use that to get a raised texture if I decide to go with that after the fact. I do think it'll look better raised, though. I think I would prefer foam board (I'd prefer to make as much of this by hand as possible, in case I need to make repairs). My only concern is it being too flimsy and breaking. I think it should be fine if it's 3/4" thick, with is what I'm thinking of using anyways.

Thanks for the input!

06-22-2006, 11:59 PM
Hey I'm not the only one planning this. Though I haven't actually planned the box/knives yet, I've spent my time so far trying to locate the spandex shorts and top lol, and the right trim for the toga.
I like the pool skimmer idea. Looking at the pictures, I'm not sure what raised texture your talkng about on the bow, it seems to be all flat with a design in the blue area. Could just be me though

06-23-2006, 01:28 AM
Looking at the pictures, I'm not sure what raised texture your talkng about on the bow, it seems to be all flat with a design in the blue area. Could just be me though

If you look at the first photo, in the blue area, there's little raised wavy lines. The 3D craft paint wasss... Scribbles 3 dimensional. It's pretty straightforward, but their listed website is www.duncancrafts.com :D Usually at the craft store it's in with the materials for making t-shirts and stuff. Dry flat 24 hours, and if used on fabric, wait to wash after 72 hours.

06-29-2006, 07:03 PM
im also thinking of making a Pit costume, but i want to do a metal knight costume for my small brother, if not ill stick to the mario costume.

thinking of using some wire and bits of sculpey to do his crown yet im getting more pics of him upclose and i think i need something good for the details