View Full Version : Searching for someone (Ol' Dirty Ninja?)

03-04-2003, 10:26 AM
I am trying to contact a person I met at K9.

He is 27, from PA, and he did not dress as a character.

He was with a group that hung around the escalators on the parking garage level Friday and Saturday night.

He was with several females dressed in black,
a person dressed as "White Ninja" (kinda looked like a mummy,) and a blonde guy dressed as a devil character, complete with red horns and awesome red contact lenses(costume was black with black leather gaunlets, red arm bands.)

He had a buzz cut, facial piercings, and large ear piercings. Very nice looking (seriously.)

He had valentine cards that had "To: Katsucon Cutie, From: Ol' Dirty Ninja" on them.

If anyone knows who he is and can help me contact him, I would appreciate it.

03-04-2003, 11:37 PM
hmmmm....the ninjas gave my freind and i Valenties too.....kinda ran up, dropped them in our hands and ran away....Oo;;;;

funny group ^_^...but no, i don't know them or have any info on them -_-;;; gomen

03-05-2003, 01:52 PM
chibi-dj: I posted a thank you but it's not here; maybe I sent it through private mail.

Anyway, here is some additional information I received through my Katsucon-l mailing list; I think the guy is from NJ and not PA. When I got this post I remember while I was talking to him, I wanted to ask him if he lived near Cherry Hill. Here's the post:

"I remember the white ninja guy, I made the comment he looked like the Matsu ninja from Legend
of the Five Rings, and later learned that their group lives in the Mercer County NJ area."

If anyone knows this group from Mercer, NJ, or thinks they can help, I would be very grateful!

Thanks again, chibi-dj!