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07-05-2006, 04:10 PM
Hello! Lemme just say first, my account is new/my first, but I've always been lurking around Cosplay.com for a year (two?) and I've been into cosplay for about 5-ish years now.

This year for A-kon (Trying to get a major head start and start in the summer this time instead of my usual winter ._.) two of friends and I are going to be in a heartless/nobody group. It's going to be our second group thingy together.

So I was wondering-

First: Anyone else planning on being a Nobody or Heartless for A-kon? I know there will be lots of Rikus/Soras/Kairis (again) but any more enemies? I've seen a few Heartless, but not so many Nobodies.

Second: I plan to be the "Dancer (http://tinyurl.com/ordva)" Nobody, and their shoes are like elf shoes of death and doom. x.x; I know I'm going to use a high heel for a base, but any useful tips for how to do the rest? Or what materials to make the point with? Any suggestions are luffled and wuved. ^^

Third: So one of my friends is going to be the Luna Bandit (http://tinyurl.com/oapqk) Heartless, and I was just wondering about the head. My sister is kinda a fursuiter, so she could help me with that, but backup advice is always appreciated.

Fourth: (Last one I promise! ._.; ) Does anyone have any reference pictures of the gypsie or whatever Heartless in Agrabah? It's purple, on a blue ball, you have to fight them on the flying carpet minigame. Again, any help is loved and appreciated.

Aaaand. Sorry for makin' ye sit through a long first post XP