View Full Version : COSPLAY & KARAOKE CONTEST! Anime Jungle Nisei Week Event, 8/11!

08-06-2002, 02:08 PM
Anime Jungle Cosplay & Karaoke Contests 8/11/02 for Nisei Week!
Anime Jungle (in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles CA) has decided to make the cosplay and karaoke event seperate so that cosplayers who do not wish to sing can just enter for their costume and non-cosplayers who wish to sing can enter the karaoke contest. Each contest will have prizes such as the DVD player, CASH ($100, $75.00), videos and more!

Check their event schedule which will be soon online and updated!

ALSO Don't miss the Bit-charG demo at the store, it's the latest and hotest fad in Japan!


See you all there!!!!!