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07-07-2006, 08:09 PM
So, when I found out the GCAF was cancelled- my sister was devistated, so I promptly tried to set up a trip for her to Oshawa for the NAF. But, I realized there must be alot of people who are upset about the cancellation of the GCAF- so I'm trying to extend the invitation :D

I've recently made a trip propisition to the GCAF board to go to NAF in oshawa on the 27th. Here's the second e-mail I sent.

As of now, I received a final quote of $1666 for the bus trip here and back for a 47 seat coach bus. Now, at this point (while I'm not even sure you're going to be in on this or not- but I'm just making sure), each person would have to pay around $65 to get there and back, and I'm in the process of getting the information on a discount fee to get into the con. But before I go further with the correspondence to the general inquiries manager- I'd like to be certain if this is going down or not. The bus could even be downsized to a school bus if $1666 is too much for you to be responsible for.

I'm sure if we can round 47 people up that are willing to pay $50-60, it would be totally possible, and a nice little compensation for the cancellation of the GCAF. It'd be just like a school trip. I'm going to continue the search for an organization that may want to host this- but I do believe this is an event you wouldn't mind to hold, since the cancellation did let down a lot of fans.

Hope to hear from you.

~Sarah Elecko


The con, referring to NAF. And the 47 people referring to you, the people that are upset that the GCAF was cancelled. I was wondering if anyone was interested, who's willing to go to downtown st. catharines to get the bus to oshawa & shell out the close to $60 (if we get the discount)? It'd be fun to do this as a group, and your costumes that you worked hard on for the GCAF will not go to waste anytime soon.