View Full Version : Connecticut Cosplayers??

07-07-2006, 11:08 PM
EDIT:: I currently do not need a ride, but am still for room mates.

Hey all... I live in connecticut, and am an avid cosfan, but I am unable to drive to otakon. I was looking to see if there are people driving from connecticut, and are close to my age (18-21) that maybe want to let me carpool with?? There is about a month before the con so I was hoping to find someone, and maybe meet them before hand just to make sure we're cool. I'd definately be willing to split room/gas costs. I'm just hoping there are people from connecticut going. My aim name is TheOneDeadPoet, and my email is thineownknight@gmail.com. If you're a kind spirit, get in contact with me. Who knows... maybe some new friendships could be forged?