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Visual Prince
07-10-2006, 12:53 AM
'Allo! More help needed...

I was wondering, which pattern would work best for this outfit? I can't quite find one around town...

I was unsure as well, as since this would be crossplay and I'd be binding myself, how do I go about sizes? Ne...I'm just a little confused. *First Crossplay experience*

Also, should I just use a zipper to shut it? x_x;; Never had to do a zipper before. Blah.

Thank you for the help!

Meng Xiaojie
07-10-2006, 11:29 PM
*whisper* Post reference pics, please! Not everyone knows who Kamui-kun is, and you could be gypping yourself out of help from people who know what they're talking about!

Now, the only question I can really answer effectively is your second one, about binding and crossplay. *waves tiny Habitual Crossplayer flag*

Since Kamui's uniform is a bit form-fitted, you'll want to bind your breasts down to a comfortable level--i.e., the way they'll be at a convention. Measure yourself with the binding in place, and use that measurement when making your costume.

Good luck! Mayhap my Subaru will meet your Kamui at a con someday!

Visual Prince
07-11-2006, 11:04 AM
Eh? Gomen ne! I thought I'd uploaded one...x_x; Guess I got a little too caught up in other activities...Wah~ *So embarassed!*

Kamui [On the left] (http://lamp.otaku.ru/galleries/soulu/sketch/eva_sketch_False_dreams.jpg)

It's a fanart, though, it has a better view of the seifuku then most official art does. oO;

I'm sorry again!

[YAY for Subaru! <3]

I've got to make him one day, too. :O