View Full Version : Possibly Looking for 1-2 roomies!

Xx Lulu xX
07-19-2006, 06:22 PM
Hello! I have a room at the Holiday Inn, #2 on the otakon map.

Anywho, right now we've only got 3, possibly 4 people staying in the room. But we're going for at least 6. So im looking for people just in case, nothings definate for sure, but anyway heres the breakdown.

We've got the room for 3 nights, Thurs-Sat. And it comes out to roughly 600 dollars. We're trying to get at least 6 people so it'll be down to 100 a person.

Anyway we're looking for the following.

-M/F really doesnt matter, but you have to be neat, we've gotten screwed over in the past by people trashing the room and not cleaning up for themselves.

-Someone who doesnt mind Drinking/Smoking, its not a smoking room, but 3 of us do so we'll be constantly in and out of the room. We have a party ususally friday or saturday. You're more than welcome to drink with us but please no inviting you're friends. And leeching off our booze isnt appreciated.

-No letting your friends stay in our room for free! This happened at Katsucon 2006, where a room mate let his friend stay in our room for free when it was expensive as hell for the rest of us.

-Please be fun! No sticks in the mud, or douchebags, we get pretty rambunctious and loud, so if you're one of those people who go to bed early or like peace and quite, this room isnt for you lol.
*IMPORTANT*-You must shower, dear god please, its bad enough having to smell the funk at the convention, but please, for the love of god, bathe.

I think that covers most of it!
PM Me On C.c or IM Me @-TehLuX0r on AIM if you're interested