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07-24-2006, 09:37 PM
Due to people finding those more familiar, or needing to make up classes for school, we're with even more open spaces. The one thing that can be guaranteed, to be in common with everyone going to Otakon that is, is that we all want to save up as much money as possible. That's the same here, and with those dropping out, things are racking up in collective costs. I wanted to make it around 100 bucks per head for all of the nights. Right, information now.

Hotel: Wyndham - One room, probably queen.
Checks: Check in on Thursday the 3rd, and checkout on Monday the 7th.
General rules: No smoking, drinking, sex, wild parties... It's general courtesy. While not a rule, one of the spaces on the bed belongs to a friend, due to a bad back. If we have a queen, then two or three people can be up there, being rotated.
Costs: Right now, as I'm aiming for at least 6 people. Hold on, here's better information:

For each night, before taxes, the room is $141, totaling up to $158.63 per night. Four nights together, it's $634.50. This is before splitting everything up. This is all based on the 12.5% tax that I've been knowing about.
Split up, per night if we don't get a seventh person, the room will be $26.44 each night. Four nights, which gives us $105.75 per person, all together. If we get a seventh person, it'd be 22.65 per night, and 90.59 all together for all four nights.

On payment:
At this point, it's a situation of wanting the person to send money through paypal. This is all because I'm putting the money into an account that'll be used to pay for the room. I'm closing the deal on the 30th of this month, and depositing the money all on the 31st. That way, by the time I have to pay, the money is guaranteed to have gone through with the paperwork.

About who's in so far:
So far, we have three people, all female. I'm 19, the friend who's on the bed all nights is in her thirties I believe, and the third isn't too far off from my age. We're not picky on gender, and not so much on age.

1. Email me at demonia105@aol.com with the subject being "Otakon Hotel Room"
2. Inside, let me know where you had seen this, basic information about you, and if you're with a different email than the one used to send the money through with paypal that address as well.
3. I'll forward you information about myself, the approximate time I'll be arriving at the hotel, and the email address used to send the money over to. (I have a seperate email for paypal activity alone.)
4. You send money by the 31st, and I put it into the account being used to pay for the room.
5. We all meet up at the hotel (Wyndham) and I hand you room keys.
6. It's possible, if all chip in, that we'll have an 'end of the con'

Big Note:
I'm preferring to accept those who will be around all nights. That way, we don't get lost in who's who, and everything.

So far:
We have 4 people now; 3 female and 1 male. Hence there being 3 spaces left.

07-24-2006, 10:23 PM
Also, if you're wanting a space, and are in need of a ride from Long Island down to the hotel, I may be able to provide space, if you pitch in for a litle of the gas, or breakfast. (xD You know how those things are.)

Actually, specific areas of Long Island, because my ride would not want to drive all over. This is from the middle on towards the NJ Turnpike. We don't go through Manhattan, sorry. ^^; Traffic stinks that way! Middle is,like, Central Islip, Deer Park, Bay Shore, Brentwood. We'll take a trip up towards Massapequa or Oyster Bay, or that area if you're there.

07-27-2006, 06:44 PM
*another update*

Alright, someone said that if I get one more, they'll join right in. That means, as we have 4 people including myself lined up, get a fifth and we'll automatically get out sixth.

What that means...:
It means that we're no longer in a rush to get more roommates, but still have a single space open for them. We're just in the clear if we get one more.

Edit: Our 5th just emailed, and now we have 6 people. Still space for 1 more, if in an emergency. We're now just in the comfortable stages of things.