View Full Version : Looking for people to stay at Days Inn

07-26-2006, 02:40 PM
Hello everyone! This roommate request is not for me, but for a friend of mine. He is desperately trying to find at least 4 people to room with him. The hotel that he is staying at is the Days Inn in Baltimore. Note, this is NOT, I repeat, NOT the Days Inn near the convention center, for that was sold out like...forever ago. ^^;; This Days Inn is about 15 minutes away from the con, but still in the city of Baltimore. He is charging 75 dollars for all three nights (starting Thrusday night). The more people he gets, the cheaper it will be.

I know some of you are very wary about all this, but don't worry. My friend, Justin is a VERY reliable and sincere person. He's not scary, and he's a lot of fun. He has my seal of approval. ^^

Since the hotel will be at least 15 minutes away from the con, he prefers to get roommates who either won't be cosplaying, or has at most two costumes. The going back and forth to change will be a hassle. So, if anyone is interested, PM me and I will give you his cell number where you can reach him. He is also looking for RELIABLE people, like...people who WON'T BACK OUT! ^_^;; If you are desperate and really need a room and don't care about the 15 minute distance, Justin will help. ^^