View Full Version : Megaman/Rockman Photoshoot and Gathering

08-12-2006, 09:43 PM
See?I promised you all I'd make a thread of it!Here are the details for the last Rockman shoot of 2006:

Where?:Hyatt Regency Hotel @ Reunion Tower in Dallas,TX
When?:Saturday,September 2nd
What Time?:2 pm.
What to Bring?:Your lovely self in a Megaman series' related costume and a camera.
Where to Go?:We'll be outside the art room,then go somewhere else to hold the gathering.
Who's Hosting?:Yours truly,ACME-Rian and hopefully my friend Yuki.
Who's Coming?:I've asked Ryouko whether she's game and most likely ShadowChi and Jace Moore are coming with DeadlySerenade.Not so sure yet...
When to RSVP?:August 25th,2006

Please tell me who you'll be portraying and what series he or she is from.I'll be bringing back my wonderful Enzan Iijuin/Chaud Blaze costume again for you all to gaze at.

However,my mom may or may not be taking pictures for me this time,so I'll be taking pictures alone if she's not coming.Don't fret about it.My friend Yuki is on deck to give me a hand if needed.

Hope to see you there!