View Full Version : Official Linsner.com 3rd Annual Dawn After Contest Party Information!

08-16-2006, 03:04 PM
In celebration to all the Goddess's that have entered the Dawn Look a like contest over the years, we give to you -

The 3rd annual Linsner.com After Contest Party 2006!

This year we have been told that we will be allowed to use the "presidential suite" for our party and it comes complete with pool table and lots of room to mingle!

Bartending will be done by yours truly (hey, it will keep me out of trouble.. hee hee hee) and all your favorite or not so favorite Linsner.com employee's will be there with bells and martini's on.

Soo.... here you go, all the details below:

Party to be held 1:30 hours after the contest ends. Refreshments and Spirits to be provided courtesy of Joe Linsner himself!

This event will be accessable by INVITATION ONLY! No invitation, no entry! Sorry folks, them's the rules.

Each invite will have additional information along with location on it. No driving will be required.

You must have this invite to gain access to the party along with ID's. Since we are serving spirits, guests under 21 will be required to have their hand stamped. Can't have us getting in trouble for serving to minors now can we? If you decide to leave the party, you must have your hand stamped to get back in as we will be taking up the invitations upon your entering the party.

How do you get an invite you ask?

There are 2 ways you can obtain an invite:

1) By entering the Dawn Look a Like Contest of course! This is after all, Linsner.com's wonderful way of saying THANK YOU! Without the contest and the contestants that enter, DragonCon just wouldn't be as much fun!

Each contestant will receive a non-transferable invitation backstage allowing themselves and a guest access to the party. Whatever special Linsner.com contestant "goodie" to be given out will need to be picked up there as well.


2) If you are going to DragonCon this year but do not plan on entering the contest and are a member of the Linsner.com community, please email me at gauseabode @ charter.net with your name and Linsner.com message forum ID. I will then email you back with specifics for picking up your pass at DragonCon. If you do not have a message board ID but have purchased items from Linsner.com, please email me your info and I will check it against our records. You cannot "just join" the community to gain access to an invite.

We are VERY excited about this event and hope that many of the contestants as well as fellow Linsner fans will consider attending! Party should be in full swing for a few hours after the contest so there is no excuse not to drop by for a drink or two! I realize there are a couple of other costume contests being held after the Dawn contest, but if the party goes on like last year, we should still be in full swing till around 3am or 4am. So no excuse for not stopping by.

Please note that Linsner.com retains the right to refuse entry to ANY indiviual requesting or receiving an invitation. This is a PRIVATE party and trouble makers will not be allowed entry or tolerated. Period, enough said.

If anyone has any questions, please email me. Make sure you put "dawn contest" in the subject line of your email or I may miss it.

If anyone local is going and has any music/video equipement they are willing to share, perhaps we can set up stuff like we have in years past with a viewing of the contest/pictures for those that entered to see. We could also maybe show past years too if anyone has video's they want to bring. Just depends on if we can get video hookup.

Looking forward to seeing some of you there! Feel free to email me with any questions!

Cyndee Gause

08-17-2006, 11:51 AM
It's going to be awesome, as per usual!

08-19-2006, 06:44 PM
I'll be there ^_^ Just got to get everything finished!