View Full Version : Accessory / jewelry / small armor commissions opening up

Space Invader
03-13-2003, 04:37 PM
No one seems to ever visit the Spam Board, so I guess I'll post this here just to let people know. Delete it if you feel the need to.

I've decided that, after getting numerous compliments on my cosplay jewelry and small armor bits (gauntlets, etc.), I'm gonna start taking commissions. Look in my gallery for some sample pictures of my Hikaru gauntlet and hand ornament. Here's a list of things I will do:

~Necklaces / chokers
~Belts (can have small armor pieces attached)
~Headbands / tiaras
~Armor elbow / knee pads
~Small shoulder armor pieces
~Gauntlets & knuckleplates
~Small weaponry (i.e. Sailor senshi transformation wands, daggers, etc.)

Basically anything along those lines. If you want something that you think I would do (based on what's listed above), just PM me and ask.

Prices will be based largely on materials and shipping. I WILL charge a small labor fee - it's only fair. Keep in mind - the more intricate a piece, to more it's gonna cost ya.

If you decide you want something, don't hesitate to PM me and ask! ^_^ v

I've already got a commission in the works for MordSith on here. I'll get some pictures of Garnet's necklace up as soon as I'm done with it.