View Full Version : Help!! Aerith Gainsborough and Yuffie Kisaragi cosplay (FFVII)

03-14-2003, 11:23 PM
I am in dire need for help with Aerith's red jacket! I have attained a top that looks exactly like her's, but with long sleeves. How can I modify the sleeves to look liker Aerith's? Any tips....?
Also..I am having a bit of trouble with Yuffie's black chest "guard" and shoulder armor.

Pweaze lend me your wisdom! ^-^;

Lil' Rinoa

03-15-2003, 12:36 AM
Hmmm....about the Aeris jacket, I haven't started on the metal sleeve cuffs yet myself so I can't personally give you any advice, but check this site out, the owner gives good advice and makes a *great* Aeris!


03-19-2003, 12:04 AM
i cant seem to find the Patterns. im making the kindom heart one. do u know any site i can not find how make the dress or places? i got stuff to make it. think u ^_^

11-28-2004, 01:53 AM
I know friend, Katt, who making my FF7(game) Aerith vest...he took sewing/textile career class at college before...very good!! :love: He making my vest WITHOUT pattern...so maybe can help you make pattern for your costume. If you want, I can ask if he can help you make pattern or make costume for you. For KH Aerith...I think maybe 1-2 week can make it.
I hope this help a bit...at least glad to try helping. ^-^=