View Full Version : FMA Cosplay skit...Characters needed

08-29-2006, 08:49 PM
Ok, so here is the deal. A group of us are creating a skit for a small group we are in...we're called the Miniskirt Rangers (MSR), and we were planning on doing a Skit called FMA Idol. Now we have, Ed, Roy, Al, Black Hayate and someone wearing the MSR uniform we had created. The person wearing the MSR uniform will be the Anouncer, Ed, and Roy will be 2 of the 3 judges and Al will be a contestant and somehow Black Hayate will fit into the skit.

Now we need 4-5 more contestant that will be dressing up as FMA characters for Anime Detour. If anyone is interested we are taking any character right now. We would like to see a Havoc up on stage...or some of the rare characters that are hardly cosplayed, but really anyone is welcome. If you are interested just post and I will set it up, we will be coming up with a script and what not in the next few months. It was be finalized a good few months before Anime Detour.