View Full Version : Smash Bros Brawl Pit Costume Boots w/ pictures!

08-30-2006, 09:54 PM
As the name suggests, if you zip over to my gallery, there are two shots of the 'boots', which is actually only one boot so far. I have yet to make the other. At any rate...

I picked up a pair of cheap-o sandals at K-mart. Brand name is Route 66, in case you want a pair too. They were like, 12 bucks. I also got cheap imitation leather (10 bucks per yard) and vinyl (4 bucks per yard). I bought SIX belts at the flea market for 15 bucks total. They're made from dog leather, most likely, but nonetheless they are cheap, which is good, because I will mutilate them in two paragraphs. Also want to get yourself some fabric glue, and a nice, sharp razor knife and scissors.

The imitation leather makes the darker part, and the vinyl wants to be a slightly lighter tan color. You'll want to mimic THIS design in any way you like:


I went with making the crisscrossing design and the bars running around the leg two separate pieces, but you're free to make your own way with this. ALso make sure that the square of fabric is big enough to wrap around your leg. I missed this little point by just a bit, and it will drive me mad.

Third step, get out those belts, and mutilate them. You'll want six belts (Three per boot). There's one buckle by the ankle (In plain view in both my photo and the official art) and two on the back, up near the knee (Not visible). For the ankle belt, I just wrapped it around the ankle. For the two upper belts, I cut slits in the leather so they're only visible at the very back.

Lastly, there's a flap of material left at the bottom that fits over your toe. I need to trim mine a bit, but otherwise, you can tuck the end in under your toe, and it holds that part pretty well while you walk.

More pictures as I move this towards completion.