View Full Version : Hi all! It's Becca Alice with an NDK announcement re: MADHOUSE

09-04-2006, 03:04 PM
So - we just got the confirming email. Not just Mr. Maruyama, but all five primary members of the Madhouse studio will be joining us this year. Takeo's hard work on our behalf and dedication to the best for the Japanese creators' fans, and the sound reputation of our new ED's, has really paid off in the form of trust and kindness from this amazing studio which is stopping its work for entire week in order to be able to meet you and see NDK. I am verklempt, grateful, stunned! I am also heart-rushingly excited! It's going to be an amazing year for NDK's guest roster, and I would love to see any ideas you have for MADHOUSE-related stuff from fan panels to costumes. :angel:
Becca the Alice
Programming @NDK

(p.s. Hi Beverly Becca Amy Amanda Nick Lauren Robyn Aya Melissa Katie everbody! See, I do own a public keyboard, *laugh*)
(p.p.s. - I can't help looking at that angel icon and thinking it is saying "BlahbbityblahbittyblahbittyBLAHBITTYblahbittyBlahb itty!" Very me right now)