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09-13-2006, 11:23 AM
Now that I have two cosplay costumes under my belt, I am looking for something more challenging. I would like to do Sesshomaru from Inuyasha as I really like the character and the costume looks like it would be challenging enough. This one I would like to do as much by hand as possible though I am not against buying something if needed. I have a few questions that came up while researching this character's outfits. While some of these questions belong in other parts of the forum, I am interested in how it can be done as it applies to this character. I am interested in hearing ideas from anyone who has done the copslay for this character or maybe has experience in these areas. My questions are:
1. How do you make patterns on clothing? More specifically, I would like to make the red and white parts on his top and sleeves as well as the flowers. He also has a decorated sash with a large bow. Do you use a silk screen?
2. Where do you find wigs that are long enough? I have really had a hard time finding really long wigs, much less them being the white I need. The last two wigs I had to hand sew bits of hair into a wig net to make it work. I saw somewhere that you can get an existing wig and change the color. How would you do that?
3. What is the best way to make the swords and armor of his? I have done the foam with fiber glass cloth and resin but I don't think that is the best way to go. What do you paint it with?
4. How would you suggest making the large "tail" he draps over his shoulders? I was thinking a fur tub with batting stuffed in it. Would that be too hot and heavy though?
5. Are his pants hakamas? They don't look like they have any pleats in them (but inuyasha's doesn't either)? Are they as baggy or less baggy than Inuyasha's? I have made the inuyasha's hakamas for that cosplay but I am having a hard time deciding the baggy-ness of Sesshomaru's.
6. Does he have the same top as Inuyasha? The two layers- the jaben and the outter "kamono" with the slits in the arms (where the sleeves are partically sewn into the top. I cannot think of what the outter wear is called right now).
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! I am eager to get started.

09-13-2006, 01:34 PM
1. You could use silk screen, hand paint it, iron transfer, etc.

2. Try cosworx's Amanda or an Enchantment from amphigory.com in Lily

3. His sword...(goes to hunt for a photo) Unfortunately the tip of his sword is not as katana looking as I had hoped. So you're probably going to have to make a handle and attach a long piece of wood for the blade. http://japantrip.tripod.com/nihonto/tsuka/tsuka01.html This tutorial may help or check out Featherweight's cardboard katana tutorial here at cosplay.com. As for the armor I'd suggest a plastic sheeting version (http://amethyst-angel.com/armormaking.html) or one made out of craft foam (http://entropyhouse.com/penwiper/costumes/helmsdeep.html). They should give painting tips with each method...

4. I'd just make a large tube out of faux fur and stuff it.

5. I don't think his pants are hakama...they're just poofy pants, almost like harem girl pants. ^^;

6. He looks like he just as a traditional kimono NOT the same an Inuyasha's.

Phew... @_@ Hope this helps a bit! Best of luck! ^^ d

09-14-2006, 07:38 AM
3. For the swords I used cardboard. I put a yard stick in the middle of the 2 pieces of cardboard with a wooden dowel on each side. Then coat the whole thing in masking tape. And paint. The armor chicken wire. Thats what mine is made of and if something happens to it you could just bend it back into place. I cut the wire into the shape I needed then duct taped the edges after I folded them over. A layer of quilt badding under the fabric. The claw things are sculpy glued to it. I hope that is understandable. But having to make his armor twice it is nice and cheap and pretty much easy.

09-14-2006, 09:11 AM
1. When I made the designs I had a pattern that someone gave me. For the large design on the shoulder, I just freehanded that one, laid it on the fabric, and adjusted if necessary.

2.The Enchantment from Amphigory is really thin in the back, but its still a great wig. CosWorx has some great wigs and they ship fairly quickly.

3. The foam and fiberglass method might work for Toukijin; I made mine out of wood, and for Tensaiga, I used one of those cheap swords and took out the blade. As for the armor, Ive seen people use vinyl and foam which would be comfortable to wear but sometimes isnt too appealing when it bunches up. Mine is made of sintra, and a friend of mine is looking to get some out of fiberglass. I suggest looking into Wonderflex. It's a fun and easy plastic to work with. I use regular spray paints with a primer and wood sealer for wood props.

4.You could just make a long tube of faux fur. I used about 2-3 yards of faux fur, cut it in half length wise, sewn the 2 pieces together, and then sewn the whole thing up and lightly stuffed it so it's not a stiff tail. Alot of the Joann's stores have this nasty long faux fur that I recommend staying away from. You can find much better stuff around the same price. And yes, it can get hot under the tail.

5.In the design sketches, his pants didnt look like hakamas. It's really up to you whether you wanna go that extra mile to make pleats, but they probably wont show because of the armor. I just made an elastic waist for mine. His pants have about the same baggyness as Inu's.

6.No, his top is not the same, but it does have the undershirt. Sesshou doesnt have that front flap and doesnt have the slits in the sleeves. Also, his sleeves are the square shaped ones, not the bell sleeves that flare out like Inu's.

Hope this helps. You can PM me if you have any other questions.