View Full Version : Animagic 2002

Eurobeat King
08-10-2002, 11:52 AM
Animagic 2002 happens in less than 2 months!! Hope all those who are attending are starting to get ready for it. The hotel rooms are getting booked fast from what I've been told, and considering that Animagic is using the entire hotel for the weekend, that means the attendance should be bigger than the last 2 years.

Costume-wise, I know we'll be having a Ruroni Kenshin group again, so expect to see Saitou again. :skidude2: I might have a surprise costume, if I can get it done in time, but we'll see.. Everyone who replies here can say what they plan to wear. :)

Can't wait to see everyone again, and meet new people! See you in 2 months! CIAO!