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09-16-2006, 08:22 PM
Well, I figured out that not very many people cosplay Hotaru from .Hack//LOTB, and so then my dream was born. Uh... I did find, however, that her costume is going to be a bit difficult since I'm such a beginning sewer. What I DO really wish to know, however, is what kind of fabric looks good for her costume? And should I use tons and tons of interfacing? To be honest (and I feel like a total n00b here), I was just wondering what kind of fabric would look good and be easy to work with. In addition, would it be better to buy patterns and alter them for her costume, or just go with my measurements in mind and create a custom pattern?

Hotaru Reference:


Kudos to those who have made the artwork used above.
It's so hard to find pictures of her. Dx

09-16-2006, 08:26 PM
I'd suggest cotton for the costume. Like... bottomweight or cotton twill, something heavy. Interfacing would work, but to achieve that amount of poofiness (her skirt) I'd say you should get (or make, check the EGL board for tutorials) a petticoat. Using a pattern as a guideline could make it easier or harder, it depends on whether you can find a pattern close enough to the parts of her costume.

Pretty Sammy
09-17-2006, 11:49 AM
I'd also suggest cotton. Interfacing? You might not need it if you either
A.) Gourd the skirt a lot, using plenty of fabric to achieve that poofiness
B.) Make/Buy a petticoat.

Cotton is light to wear, and easy to sew on. I'm also a n00b to sewing, so maybe me advice is unwanted, but I've used only cotton and stretch knit so far and I love them both. ;_;