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09-21-2006, 07:54 PM
First off, I know that there is a RE thread already but there's like 491 pages and i couldnt read through them all and i didnt wanna post anything already said,that and d like direct responses to me. So if I should put this there tell me and Ill repost it there.

For my Chris costume i wasnt sure if i should go Code Veronica X or RE1 style. I know theyre both virtually the same but i dont know by how much, so what would you say is the better over all costume? Also I have no idea what the the costume looks like in deatil so could you guys help me out with pics or descriptions? Ive found a few pics but they were really small and were of no help at all. And for those who have already gone as Chris or another RE character where did you get the RPD or STARS shirts, pants, boots, pouches, weapons etc. Thanks for the help.

p.s: I know its September and I have a little less than a year to do it but i figured id start early on one (and i can just by my PoT costume)

09-21-2006, 08:38 PM
Well one source for decent pics is to pick up the book Resident Evil Archives which is found at Game Stop, Electronics Boutique, Software Etc, and Babbages. All are a part of the Game Stop company of course. I know several stores still have it or you can order it online and it runs around $30. And there are big differences in the RE1 and CVX costumes for Chris.

So far I've done the RE1 remake version since I had most of the materials to begin with (did a STARS officer uniform from RE: Apocalypse). You can check out the pics in my gallery for reference. Only thing I didn't have at one point was the double mag holder for my belt, but I had that added before Otakon 06.

For the CVX costume Chris wears a tactical shirt (with sleeves rolled up) and a pair of tactical pants, both of olive drab color. Then add in a black leg holster, a web belt, another double mag holster, black gloves, and a black tactical vest. I would say this one might be easier to put together and easier on the budget compared to the RE1 costume which uses an old M69 styled flak vest as body armor (not cheap if in pristine condition).

You can get a lot of the stuff from local surplus stores, but in a few cases like gloves, knee and elbow pads you'll have to go new. Patches can be easily found on e-bay and other sites. Most of us just order patches, buy a cheap plain t-shirt, and then sew them on. There are a lot of online tactical and military gear sites like www.uscav.com (I use them personally) and www.blackhawk.com. It's mainly personal preference on who you order from and how much you're willing to spend for the stuff. In a few cases some of us are in the military so we get boots and some items issued to us for free when needed and depending on the branch we're in or if we're sharing facilities with other branches our clothing stores have extra stuff we can use, that is if it's in. **chuckle**

But I strongly recommend getting the book for good picture references first and then make a choice on the costume. Once you've decided go on from there!

Pm me or any of the people in the RE thread if you have questions!