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09-28-2006, 05:45 PM
I know there is a sticky about this, but it hasnt been posted in since august and i was afraid no one would go look XD.

For my birthday, my family is only giving me money towards a new digital camera. My ancient one, that looks like a brick, decided to die when i was in italy. It was very sad. Sofar, I have been looking at alot of canon cameras. They seem really nice!

I will only really need this camera for basic cosplay pictures and convention pictures. Maybe some stuff in school as well. So, i want a camera that has relatively good picture quality, but is not one of those fancy professional cameras. I am not a very advanced photographer (i know how to press the button). Im also looking for a digital camera, not a film one (im really bad about getting film developed, i still have two undeveloped rolls from july 2005...)

I'm guessing i will have about 350-400 dollars to spend, But I'm thinking of maybe spending only like 200-300 on one. Any Suggestions are great! Thanks to everyone in advance! (oh i hope people post XD)

09-28-2006, 06:41 PM
From that very post that is stickied, I wrote:

Some basic points that are often made here:
1) dpreview.com fredmiranda.com steves-digicams.com kenrockwell.com (Thanks, Eriol for the last two which I didn't previously post)
2) No need to have features you dont plan on using.
3) Get enough features to allow you to grow a little with your skill.
4) Megapixel count has become an overused marketing ploy. While a spec that you should consider, megapixels are not what makes the camera.
5) A camera is a personal choice. You are the one using it, and you are the one that has to like it. Check out sample images, as the image sensors and processors all record light with their own personality. Find a personality that matches yours.
6) If you have the ability to go hold the camera that you think you want, and try it out in your hands do so. Even if you dont end up buying it in person.
7) No need to rush into things.
8) Take everyone's singular advice with a grain of salt, and listen to advice that you hear a lot of.

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General Camera buying:

Thats pretty much all the advice I can think of form the top of my head. If you stay in your range of price, you will find on par cameras. DP review has a side-by-side camera comparison tool that helps a lot. Some cameras have extra features, while others sacrifice these features for size, etc.

Is there a camera you have seen that you are looking to get opinions on?


09-28-2006, 06:56 PM
Canon Powershot S2 IS or any other powershot X_X

sorry, i read that post before. Im mainly looking for suggestions on what camera, not suggestions on how i should go about finding one i like XD

09-28-2006, 07:00 PM
I merged your thread into the main sticky thread about camera discussions.

Please continue your questions and comments in that thread, thank you.