View Full Version : Sale: Rabi en Rose headpiece and Furuba Character book

08-10-2002, 10:12 PM

I'm selling my Rabi en Rose headpiece. It has two large fuzzy dice, two long white poseable ears, and two oversized maroon bows all attached to a white headband. You can see what it looks like at
Asking price is $10.00 (since I've used it once and it's been in storage for a bit ^_^;;)

I'm also selling my Fruits Basket Character book. It has some character sketches I thought would be very good for cosplayers. It shows how the school uniforms are put together (for example, how it clips together in the front and how the little bow attaches)
Asking price is $10.00

I'm also selling a bunch of other stuff like Japanese manga magazines (Margaret, Hana to Yume, and others) as well as a lot of my manga collection (Ayashi no Ceres, Angel Sanctuary)
If you are interested, please look at

Thank you! ^_^ I hope this hasn't gotten too offtopic for this board. Interested people can contact me through my email in my profile or message me :)