View Full Version : Kingdom Hearts gathering?

Calin Solen
10-03-2006, 09:10 AM
No, this is not a request for a photoshoot, but something a bit different... Ok for those of you who attended AnimeFEST, you may have noticed quite a few Kingdom Hearts cosplayers got together on Monday (and I think some on Sundat night too, but I was out to dinner with a couple of friends from out of town when that one happened ^ ^;;...) to sing, dance, be stupid, and to generally have alot of fun. Well, if at all possible, I 'd like to try and set a time, date, and place for another little gathering of this sort. All you need to bring is yourself, a camera or video camera (I'll be filming this too) and some CDs if you have something you'd like to play and sing to. If any of you here are somewhat familiar with the hotel's layout could you post here with a few suggestions where we could do this and not be in anyone's way please? Thanks, I'm going to repost here soon with a date and whatnot after I work out a few things.

Shout Out to Wuffers and slaveofmydreams: Wuffers, bring your CDs! slaveofmydreams, could you pass the word to the others about this and see if they wanna join in? I was thinkin of having some Xiaolin stupidity maybe before or after the Kingdom Hearts stuff too, but you guys are free to join in at any time.