View Full Version : And a New Edition to my Con Report...

08-11-2002, 03:23 PM
Blame Silent Dreams UBB for getting me addicted to them personality quizes and such. ^^;; So here's another thing to add to you livejournal, nya. ^^v


Take it! Take it! ^_^ You might end up getting someone you know!

08-11-2002, 07:08 PM
Wait, aren't *you* Victoria? That means I got you. XD

08-11-2002, 08:02 PM
oh god... LOOK WHAT I GOT!!!


But one thing, I didn't go to AX!!! I'm only an ACen person!!

08-11-2002, 08:10 PM
Yes! I'm Victoria, nya!

I also attend ACen too. ^_^

08-11-2002, 10:08 PM
Albert, coolness. lol we have to get more ACen vets to go to AX. Heheh we should have a room party. ^^

Yggdrasil Pie
08-11-2002, 10:30 PM
I got Albert toooooo!! ^^
Interesting quiz! Teehehehe!

08-11-2002, 11:02 PM

Strange, on the other boards where I posted this most of them got Rasha, Jenna, or Ophelia. Those seem to be the common ones with them. No one has got Albert yet among them....interesting how stats differ among different communities...

08-11-2002, 11:32 PM
Hehe, maybe people getting Al might have something to do with the fact that people here might affiliate themselves with cosplay.com? ^^ Well, we can only hope!! *promotes site* Whoo!

Yggdrasil Pie
08-12-2002, 01:47 AM
*took the test again*
I got Lina the second time! ^^

Waii...so bored.. ^^;;;

08-12-2002, 05:52 PM
I'm albert hehe