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08-12-2002, 12:11 AM
'Cause I took the other thread OT. ^^;;

I have casting resin and a dye kit (Cast n' Craft it's called). There are molds available, but not really in the right shapes/sizes for jewels. I haven't done the research to see what type of mold material is best. I have seen jewel-shaped clear resin stones in a plastic supply store in NYC (there are three, I think, on Canal), they could probably be painted with translucent glass paint.

You can also buy acrylic stones in colors; this site - http://www.allstarco.com/stones.htm sells some, though you have to buy rather a lot. oO;;; I've also seen them in independent craft places, there's a place near me that has a box of random ones.

So, anyway, I don't have any really specific questions . . . but I'm starting this for people to post their tips or questions. ^^

Shadra D
08-12-2002, 02:54 AM
LOL, thanks for making the topic!

The easiest way to cast resin stones, of course, is to simply find a loose stone you like well enough and make a cast of it in any material... I saw that the guy who did the Guyver Suits casts his small parts that he has to do a lot of in silicon caulking gel, actually, and that surrounded by plaster... that man is a genius o_o Of course, if you want to mass produce these things, if you need a lot for your costume, for instance, you may want to make more than one casting mold.

If you don't have any jewels big enough to use as molds, It's quite easy to make a rounded lump out of clay, such as sculpey, and just be sure to sand it gently after baking to get it really smooth, and then cast it...

For faceted jewels... well, that will be more work, of course e.e However, if you're REALLY GOOD and can do painstaking details like this that take so much time, you can make the general shape out of clay, or even wax (wax might even be better, really), and facet it yourself the GHETTO WAY! O_O which basically means sitting at a desk or on the floor with sand paper of different grades taped securely to the flat surface and rubbing the 'jewel' on it.. LMAO. I've done it x.x

As far as what to use to make the cast stones out of.. it depends on what kind of stone you are emulating! For clear jewels, resin, of course, is the best, with colored dyes to make them nice and pretty! Any shiny backing you want to put on, by the way, should be attached when the resin is still very much wet so there are no icky lumps and such! And make sure to then put something very flat on top of that so it stays even..

If you want to emulate stones such as jasper, malachite, or whatever, I highly recommend fimo or sculpy! If you know how to manipulate those, you're all set! All you need to do is press it into your mold o_o And you can get a shiny surface on those materials with the sculpy glaze they sell.. it's great stuff o_o good for many purposes!

And here's a fun little project I'm going to be taking on.. making costume quality false opals. Very false looking, but pretty enough... there's this great ribbon stuff I've seen at Hallmark, it's so gorgeous! I'm going to cut that into itty bitty bits (I've done it before o_o I sat with a pair of scissors and turned an entire sheet of paper into POWDER. Behold the power of ADD while watching TV o_o;), perhaps drop a little bit of milky acrylic paint and water in the resin along with the ribbon bits... and see what turns up! If it's good, I'll post a tutorial on how I did it sometime o_o_V

By the way, just in case nobody noticed yet, I'm also a rockhound ^.^;; I love rocks and minerals so much.. if anyone ever needs to ask about a certain stone and how to, perhaps, make something that looks like it, I can probably tell you, and if not, I can probably find out o.o Whee!

08-12-2002, 09:10 AM
> translucent glass paint

Would that hold on plastic? Where would you get this?
I have acrylic gems in the perfect shape/size but wrong color... >__<

> sculpy glaze they sell

It makes whites beige though... and has lots of bubbles in it... how do you get it on smooth?

Speaking of which, Shad, you need to show me how to cast jewels so I can show Lexi for her Katsu costume... it has a LOT of jewels on it... >__< And all different shapes and sizes and colors too...

08-12-2002, 08:16 PM
Okay . . . wow. oO;;; Dang it, now I want to make jewels for no good reason! Well, I'll have a chance later this year, but . . . I wanna make 'em now . . . err, anyway, very helpful.

I have seen the glass paint at Hobby Lobby. I imagine it would stick to plastic . . . you can also buy paint specifically for plastic, but whether it comes in translucent, I know not. With a clear jewel, you could always just back it with colored foil; from head on, I fancy it would look okay. But if you've got entirely the wrong color, not clear, I don't think you can make red into blue, etc.

I've never had glaze change the color of my material, but I've never used "sculpy glaze" versus your basic varnish. I have problems with bubbles too, some of them will sand out, but still . . .

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention; if you don't happen to have loose gems and stones around, you can buy broken jewelry (rhinestone stuff with stones missing is often quite cheap) and pry stuff out of the settings . . . I found a bunch of busted-a jewelry, and lone earrings, which I am keeping for future projects . . .

L to the 3rd
08-13-2002, 12:07 AM
OK for those who go to Japan often..there is a place
called ''Tokyou Hands'' or something like that.. it's
sorta like a department store/ Home depot. They friggen
sell like huge round half dome things that would be perfect for those large jewels from anime! (perfect for MKR cosplay n' stuffs!)

There's a lot of things in the store that are perfect
for cosplay.. mann i wish I had money the last time i went!!!

Shadra D
08-13-2002, 12:38 PM
Yes, you can use that glass paint on plastic! I do that a lot ^.^ However, it can peel off if you're not careful, so... e.e;; It's stained glass paint stuff sold in most craft stores like Michael's... the paint looks opaque in the bottle, it dries nice and clear! It's thick enough that bubbles should not turn up unless you aren't careful...

As far as the sculpy glaze... For my first Kurai earring, I actually just dipped the whole thing into the bottle and it came out nice and bubble free! ^^

And yes, Rosi, talk to me and I will show you how to cast those jewels. I saw that her costume needed those ^.^; First thing is to gather what you need...

For jewels that size, I -have- seen resin molds in craft/hobby stores, try to find them! It should be right by the place to buy the resin, too. So you need...

The resin
resin dyes

All of that you can find in the same section. You will also need, probably, to buy a pyrex measuring.. uh.. pouring thing.. god, my vocabulary is DEAD, but anyway, one that you won't ever use to cook with. Since you need to measure how much your pour to know how much catalyst to add, you'll need it..

Last thing to get is some kind of reflective backing.. Look around the craft/supply store for something.. try silver or gold leafing, because I think it's metal based... ANYTHING plastic will get deformed from the resin chemicals itself. You'll want to try applying it soon after you cast each jewel, laying it on flat...

The instructions for the actual casting are written on all of the supplies, so you can read those ^^

Goood luuuuccckkk!!! After you do a few jewels and figure out the process, you may even want to make a tutorial yourself, taking photos. I'd do it, but I'm not making any at the moment o.o;;

Space Invader
08-13-2002, 05:33 PM
Another good way to make jewels (the ghetto-cheap way and if you are in a HUGE hurry, like I was), is glitter. Yeah I know it doesn't look as good as REAL stones, but it works in a pinch :). Just make your form for the jewel out of something (clay, or in my case, I directly sculpted the jewel into my armor using paper mache). Paint the "jewel" the color you want, and after it's dry, brush on watered-down craft glue ( I prefer Aleene's Tacky Glue). Pour you glitter on top of it, and let dry. Shake off the excess, and seal it with gloss varnish. Tada. Instant ghetto-jewel *grins*. However, if you have the time, I would definately suggest going with the resin casting procedure. I'm sure it looks tons better.