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Din the Dancer
03-21-2003, 06:52 PM
This is gonna be my first costume and I need help. I wanna cosplay as a HUnewearl and need help with some of it. The baisic costume I know how I wanna do, it's just the glove on the left arm and the MAG I need help with. I have my ideas but I want to see if somebody might be able to suggest something a little easier than what I have in mind. Any suggestions will be appreciated and maybe helpful! ^_^;;;

03-21-2003, 08:10 PM
What kind of mag do you want to make? It'll help others help you.

Din the Dancer
03-22-2003, 05:10 PM
My MAG is currently a double unit if that helps at all. It still has one more evoultion to go. (I'm also somewhat new to the game.)

03-22-2003, 10:31 PM
Go here:

See if you can find your mag there.

I'm no costumer, but I can guide you in finding more information to help you describe the item you want to make.

Miaka No Baka
03-23-2003, 11:02 AM
yeah what mag do you have? I made mine and it stands up beautifully ^_^ and it kinda bobs a little when I walk ^_^;



how I made my mag:

First sewed myself a sato plushie. 2nd, discovered there were a few "holes" if you will in a few spot so what I did was take some 4 or 6 guage copper wire maybe it was 8 I forget it's pretty thick but it can still be bent just not SUPER easily and you don't need tools to bend it. I put electrical tape on the end that went inside the sato plushie the wire goes from where the neck joins the body and comes out where the tail joins the body, then I curved the wire to fit sato's tail and the wire runs up along the back on sato's tail. So it looks like sato's "sitting" on the wire if you will. The other end of wire was bent into a large enough circle that I could get my arm into it and fit it up on my shoulder and armpit. I then took 3 bands of clear elastic and looped it once around the circle and then tied it and it goes from my right arm to underneath my left arm. The 3 bands are at different points on the circle so they all work together in keeping me from having to hold the wire with my right arm and armpit, and they keep sato from tipping sideways, forwards, and backwards.

Now for the left arm:

here is what mine looks like once it's done. Now this is how it was made:

I bought 2 sheets of THICK craft foamies sheets. I took a measuring tape and measured how fat around my arm was both at my wrist and at the point on the arm where I wanted the brace to stop. I then marked it on opposite ends of the foam using the shorter ends of the foam sheet as the seam edge if you will. I then cut a diagonal line connecting the smaller measurement to the larger one. I then took some fabric and cut out a rectangle that was larger than the foam one. I then put the fabric over the foam and I taped it on the otherside of the foam using duct tape. I then cut 2 strips of foam out from the 2nd sheet one was the wrist measurment long and one was the arm mesurement. and I cut rectangles of fabric out of those that were enough to roll the foam rectangle in it twice and that would leave enough left over to bring to the backside of the arm part. So I wrapped up the foam in the fabric and then with the dangling edge I placed the foam now covered in fabric along it's edge on the arm part and folded the extra fabric over the edge and to the underside of the arm thingie and secured that with more tape. I then looped tape to make it be doublesided and used that to attach the foam rectangle to the arm part and keep it from curling upward. I repeated that for the other end. Then for the jewel looking thingie I had gotten a clear plastic egg and took some glass paint and filled the egg solid of glass paint well the glass paint didn't stick to the plastic egg and the glass paint dried in such a way that there was a pocket of free space in it which worked out perfect for me adding in LEDs later on ^_^; Well so I was left with a casting of the eg which was cool with me ^_^; so I popped the dried glass paint out of the plastic egg I then took 2 LED's and used some epoxy resin as glue and wedged them into the air pocket inside of the glass paint casting. I then determined where I wanted to place the jewel. I traced around it ontop of the fabric (don't worry it'll be covered up later ^_^; ) I then poked a hole in the area I traced to allow the wires from the LEDs to go through. I then threaded the LED wires through the hole and took more epoxy and smeared that all around the bottom area of the jewel and the fabric it'd touch. Now the key thing to do is make sure you keep the arm thingie curved like as if you were wearing it, if you don't your jewel might fall off or your arm thingie won't curve to fit your arm. So I held that for the 5 mins it takes for it to cure and set permanently. I then cut a circular design it was sorta egg shaped out of foam that was larger than the jewel and then I cut out the center that was the exact size of the jewel and I then attached that to the arm thingie. I then painted that silver and filled in the gaps between the two with silver fabric paint ^_^ Then I made holes along both edges of the seam area on the arm thing (I avoided making holes too close to the end and also where the foam strips were added on) I then threaded a shoe lace through it and that's how it's held on ^_^ with a hunewearl there is another way I can think of to do it but if you go here:


look at the different costumes and post what color number your hunewearl is like 1-5 or something and I may be able to provide a different way of making your arm. ^_^

Miaka no Baka

03-23-2003, 04:57 PM
Hmm, Din said the mag she wants is a twin unit. That may be difficult to construct or mount on a costume unless it is Angel Wings or Devil Wings.

Din the Dancer
03-23-2003, 09:14 PM
Thanks for the sites! Ok my MAG is currently Marutah (it's on the list) It's only the 2nd evolution but I doubt a twin unit will merge back into one when it evolves agian. And my costume is 1-2. And here's a picture I took of the left arm. It's easier to see and it's a side view.

03-23-2003, 09:21 PM
I wonder......the most important thing is if you want to suspend it on your back to look like it's hovering, then make it as light as possible-certain ones like Rudra, Maruta or Nandin are kinda like 3D wings which are hollow...you could make these from a light plastic or card, for added effect certain transparent bits could be made from coloured acetate. There are also flattish twin mags like Garuda and Ila....you could conceivably make it from maybe 2-3 layers of corrugated card. You can then suspend them with some sturdy wire..it should also give a satisfying 'bobbing up and down' look to the mag....
For some of the solid ones...I may just make them hollow or maybe out of light upholstery foam or even a block of close-packed polystyrene/styrofoam....

I hope that helps....please ask or PM if you want to elaborate on what Mag you want to make!

03-23-2003, 09:32 PM
neat fo costume, miaka

03-23-2003, 10:30 PM
Originally posted by Din the Dancer
Thanks for the sites! Ok my MAG is currently Marutah (it's on the list) It's only the 2nd evolution but I doubt a twin unit will merge back into one when it evolves agian. And my costume is 1-2. And here's a picture I took of the left arm. It's easier to see and it's a side view.

Actually, on that same site, there is a guide that tells you how to control the evolution of your mag.

It is very possible that a twin unit will become a single unit again when it is level 50.

So, is Marutah the mag you want to make? If so, you should follow Nietsche's advice.

I know nothing about costume production. I'm just the researcher. heh

Miaka No Baka
03-24-2003, 12:39 AM
technically you can do what I did to make my sato and just put one on each side. You'd have to put the wire so it stays in the back. Another method I was thinking of was taking styrofoam and sticking a wire inside it and then somehow attach the wire using elastic to loops like having a U piece that goes from one half of the mag to the other half and then slip some elastic around the bottom part of the U which touches your back and use the straps like a backpack and have it on that way. You might need to do 2 U pieces of wire one up higher and one down lower to help support the weight of the mag.

Now for your arm band. It looks like they wear a longer length glove that goes past the elbow like opera length. well for yours you can have the sleeve and then wear a shorter length glove ^_^; but for the actual jewel part it looks like all you'd have to do is make a jewel or buy one in the right size and put some foam around it and then take some thinner foam straps and attach that to the foam that's around the jewel and attach the jewel to the foam and then just use a hook and eye to attach the thin foam straps to eachother.

I've attached a sketch on how I think the arm thingie looks ^_^ the red is the jewel and the green is the thin foam and the blue is the foam around the jewel. Color coded to help you understand what I tried to describe ^_^;

I also added on my idea for your mag. The yellow circles represent the mag halves and the purpley is the wire and the red is the elastic loops. (note not drawn to scale) you may need to play around with the length of wire between your back and the mag as well as the other measurements ^_^; but you should get the idea. I drew both a back view of like what it looks like at the part that touches your back and a side view. You can also cover the wire part that touches your back in matching fabric to hide it and sew the elastic straps directly onto that fabric instead. ^_^;

aimee: thx ^_^ I'll be at sakura con, fanime and AX in my FO costume so look for me there ^_^

Miaka No Baka
03-24-2003, 04:07 AM
duh stupid me didn't attach the image ^_^; here it is!

Miaka no Baka

Din the Dancer
03-24-2003, 02:56 PM
I'm probably going to make it's lvl 50 evolution. I just looked at the site agian and I found evolutions that were similar to my MAG's current stats and they were still double units.