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10-17-2006, 01:37 AM
It just came up that I'm going to be able to make it to YC, after thinking that my school schedule would interfere.

So, anyway, I need a room to stay in. I generally don't spend much time in rooms at cons, mostly just using them to sleep (which I don't do much of, haha) and shower.

Here's the usual info:
-20 year old male college student / part-time photographer.
-Straight, but not sexually / romantically agressive. (I.E. I'm not the type to make unwanted advances at all. Heck, I'm pretty shy, I can hardly bring my self to make advances when it's blatantly obvious that they're WANTED!)
-Am actually a yaoi fan. Although I have no interest in it in real life, I tend to enjoy reading non-explicit yaoi manga!
-Smoke cigarettes, but never indoors.
-Don't do any drugs at all
-Don't drink heavily. In other words, I'll take a beer or two if offerred, but don't make a habit of getting drunk
-Do cosplay, and a bit of crossplay.
-Lots of con experience. (AX since '01, Ani-Magic since '03, other scatterred cons. (ALA, Mikomicon, Otakon, etc)

And, of course, what might be important to potential roomates at a con like this.... I'm borderline bishie! (Thanks to Stefanie for the pic)


Ok, just kidding on that last one.

Best way to contact me is AIM, my screenname is WRBWRXMAX. (Same as my username here)

10-17-2006, 02:39 AM
You pull off the bishie thing quite well. Better than I do, I'd say...

I'd also highly reccomend posting this on the Yaoi-con webpage as well as perhaps a small blurb on the Bishie group. The other bishes are good people (myself excluded. I are teh ebil) and you may have a good chance of finding shackspace with one of them. ^_^