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10-17-2006, 02:19 AM
Hello everyone, currently I am going through some of the old records and excepting idea's and what not for the third anizona.

If you dont already know, I am the new Masqurade director for that year.

I have a few things i will be adding here and there to this thread, exspect updates if not add posts to give more insight on peoples questions.

I plan to make this up coming years Anizona better than it was the two last years.

I will have a new location, and a few changes that may not be good at times but bare with me please and note, I will not be using the words "first time at this " and such, my belief is if you said you can and want to do this, than do this better than the last time.

So for now, a few notes for people, I exspect to hear from many people with idea's on this and more, so please dont hesitate on your thoughts when you ask.

Starting with props:

1. props will be inspected by myself and a security member.
2. props thats are guns, will NOT be allowed if they are at all real ones (airsoft allowed but will have strict rules)
3. so long as the outfit does not go against the cons morale standards and give offence to others, it will be allowed.
4. For any entry with a skit that involes fighting, tossing around, jumping around, you must prep this skit and when i give a time to you, you must be there to show me this skit and let me know what you are useing in this skit. Note that if you do not present the same skit in the same manner as you told me or inform me of changes before masq. and let me know exact word for word what those changes are, i will be forced to say no to the skit but allow walk ons.
5. any walk on's with props are allowed of course fallowing these rules, but if you wish to show off a move with a prop that is maybe swinging a sword, acting like shooting the audience or such, note i will tell you to point at a certain location possibly and swing very slowly.
6. I will set a time for a first meet up for all enteries, after that there will be no more unless i approve, this means find me and ask me, not someone else on staff. AFter that a second time will be given on showing up and going over times of masq. your entry number, prop inspection and with that i will give everyone a rule on that right now. For these sets of rules to work and for all of you to show off your mad skills and what not, this is going out to people who have props that might show off gas like an airsoft gun, or some sort of prop that changes that might be dangerous if not to much for the person to hold, will be checked and possibly asked to store with us, this being mostly airsoft. So those of you who are gundam cosplayers and want to hold on to your stuff, thats fine, but please let a security person and myself view this.
7. There will be a judge going over prop making and outfits and such, so please have info on your prop ready first hand.

These are just some notes, that will or will not be changed.

Please do not jump to conclusions, i am a calm person when it comes to working things out and am willing to help people with things if they need it.

Also I will have an area for people that will need to practice possibly, so please practice there if you need to and not in the open. helps for the fun of showing off.

If you have something you wish to do, as in someone in the audiance is going to stand up and speak back, please note, that person must be in line for the masq as soon as possible. And be there for the meetings, so no last minute finding of people.

All music, and such will be needed and given to me, this means lables with track number, name of skit, name of main head of skit, and also an area to write entry number on it. That way....we dont loose it.

If you have request on where to enter the stage, exit stage, or just randomly stand on stage before hand, make sure to make notes of this.

Any late entries will need to go through me and note they will be last possibly in the line, so if you have something important in the crowd you need to have for the skit, i need to see this person asap as you come to me and they must be in line, no exceptions.

I will add more to this and note, this is just a small quick run down on what will be going on through out the creation of this new masq.

so if a committee member enters and asks questions or says please do not fallow such rules or notes till a change happens, go by that person please.

Other than that, I will let all of you know this as well, I will be selecting judges and whether or not i can find them on time, special judges will be there instead to judge you, and to let you know, they may, possibly, not certain, be a guest at the con itself.

So, I hope everyone, this helps you and all of you let me know of anything else that you might want to let me know.

Take care