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10-20-2006, 09:21 AM
I hoped i spelled that right, announcement i mean. In anycase, for all those checking this, again I am your new Anizona masq. director. I have something to tell everyone for the con entering. This could be considered info but the info thread i started is for general rules and guide lines to fallow for the masq. this is an important message to everyone that i have added in the anizona forums.

Well i have my work cut out for me. Seems i will be revamping everything. What i mean is, do to some really bad errors, there is no record of past rules or info on masq. for anizona, so it is my duty to inform everyone here that i will be createing the whole masq. from scratch, times for entrys, time for the masq., rules, and much much more.

So please understand i will gladly and happily answer all your questions since i want to listen and help everyone have a excellent time at the masq., but i will be very busy for the most getting all this work done, so I will say this, for anyone interested in joining in masq. there will be two ways currently.

1. Will be to contact programing, which is kyla, and say who you are, your group name, age (yes age matters to me), and how many is in your skit.

2. wait till the con starts and go to the masq. booth and see me and fill out the paper work there and i will give you info where to meet and what to do than.

There will be other ways once i get more done.

Also please dont send anything in unless I add it late in the masq. info thread.

Thank you and i hope to get so much done fast for everyone. Understand i plan to take my time making this new list of everything for the masq. and i will do this not for the con, not for me, but for you the cosplayers and the fans that love to watch.

Again thank you and sorry for the wait.

((this is the exact copy from the anizona thread, i will try and get in touch with certain people and ask info on some questions i have. again like it says sorry and thank you))

10-20-2006, 12:42 PM
It's announcement. X3
-cough, pokes sig- And masquerade.

I already replied on the Ani forums for what I think you should do. XD