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10-22-2006, 09:32 PM
What started off as a joke cosplay seems to be a serious idea for my neice. I guess she wants to be able to run around in a box and not have people know who she is. *blinks*

What we're planning on doing is using a cardboard box [made to look like a wooden one] with Al's "head" on top [okay so the box in the anime/manga is like, open on top, but we're making it closed to make it easier] with some kind of materal around the bottom to make it look like theres nothing there [also debating on putting poles in the corners to make it look like it is sitting on a table as well lol].

The problem? Making Al's head. We're planning on making it so that my neice can wear the head as a mask of sorts so that she can look, and rest the box on her shoulders. We're also planning on putting a couple holes in the box [so when she gets things, she can somehow carry them in the box with her.

I was thinking about starting with a poster board rolled into a circle to start with, but its the top part that i'm confused about. We might end up getting a picture of his face and gluing it on the front, but we havent decided yet.

Any Ideas?

she had the idea of getting a sound box of sorts that played cats 'meows' when she presses a button ... but i dont know

10-23-2006, 01:15 AM
This sounds adorable! ^_^

First off, here's a good ref pic for the head...might give you some good ideas on the pieces of it. http://www.scans.janchan.com/fma/bandw/9.jpg

My suggestion would be to perhaps start with a child's knight helmet as a base and build it into something more Al-like. Look at lots of ref pics and draw out what shapes his head is made of and the put that together on the helmet. I think I'd use the craft foam tutorial for this. http://entropyhouse.com/penwiper/costumes/helmsdeep.html

Hope this helps! Best of luck! ^^ d

11-25-2006, 09:52 PM
I got myself a hat, a weird looking hat, it doesn't quite go all the way over my head [i guess its kinda like a beanie or something, i don't quite know what one would call it ...] I'm thinking maybe using that for my niece's 'hat' part of the costume [i'm kinda afraid she's going to get claustrophobic, or the con ops will have a bit of a problem with her only having maybe a quarter sized hole to see out of [unless i can get the front of his head screenprinted on some kinda sheer stuff! haha]

as soon as the pictures get to my email, i can show them to you, but so far, what do you think?

[b]edit:[b] hey, look what finally decided to upload itself:

thats the front of the 'AlHat' so ... all thats on the back is a short stringy thingy that he has in the first place