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Leon Ichigo
10-23-2006, 01:48 AM
Woah, I got a cosplay account. We can all agree that Onicon was not the best organized convention, but we were able to have fun an pull through by hangin' out with good friends. Come and give a shoutout to that special someone in Bleach!

Han (Hitsugaya): Thanks for organizing the event and putting up with me man, it kicked ass. I hope the next one, at Ikkicon will be just as fun :cheers:

Sarah (Matsumoto/Rukia): Thank you for coming along and organizing the girls room, it couldn't have being the same without you. Don't worry I'll behave, after all I got my Ichigo concience thanks to you. I hope to see you at A-Kon. I'm going to miss you :bigcry:

Phenix (Soi Fon): Can't have a party without Soi Fon, huh? This time around there were more Soi Fons but as always you stood out. The party was great as so were the charades, I'm looking forward to seing this crazy girl at Akon :rockon:

Mary (Momo/Urahara): It was great hangin' out with you, loved the Momo and Urahara, thanks for the Spoonge Bob bandage :toothy:, it went perfectly with my Bankai Ichigo. Hope to hear from you soon so we can plan something cool for A-Kon, Taicho. :argue:

Parker (Renji): Hail the master of the Legos! It was great to hang out with you man, you are hilarious "Does Aizen Sasuke looks like a Bitch?!!!", hopefully I will see you at Ikkicon and we can do a Pulp Fiction sketch, btw great ideas with the manga keep it up, and Apples to Apples rocks!

Shandi (Rupi): Woah this girl is a one-woman party. Great game of charades and I'm sorry about the Mascarade, I liked your outfit a lot. And for the last time, ICHINOSE MAKI IS NOT GAY!!! :eek:

Kyle (Shin/Turk Vincent): Never a dull moment with this guy, I hope we can room again at Ikkicon bro. Long Live the Vizards!!!

Melissa (So many I lost count): Awsome job with the wigs, I hope I can ask your assistance in the future. Thanks for the panel and the good times, hopefully we can do something for A-Kon.

Cat-Chan: Thanks for organizing the events and photo shoots, nothing could have happen without you girl, I will see you at Ikki. :bigtu:

Worlynn (School Rukia/Prisoner Rukia): I loved hanging out with you really late at night and playing games. Thanks for the hair spray and the comb it worked great. I'm looking forward to seing you at Ikkicon so we can walk aimlessly, talk and stay up really late once again. :angel: Sorry I could not find you the Rukia keychain, seem all I'm good at is finding Ichigo.

To the Kuchiki Byakuya, thanks for letting me take those pictures of Byakuya vs Ichigo. To Female Renji, I hope to see you around here in Houston. To the Narutards for the good pictures and the Alchemists and...


Oni-con 2006 Bleach


10-23-2006, 01:58 AM

it should be


I'm sorry I need sleep

10-23-2006, 10:52 AM
Hope everyone got to their respective homes alright. And was awesome seeing everyone there.

Chibi Yunie
10-23-2006, 12:57 PM
Shout outs to everyone cosplaying as Bleach, you were all awesome!

Shout outs to those who organized the Bleach meetup! :)

Shout out to Ishida (Knightfall)! Awesome Ishida, and you were really fun to talk to at the food court and whatnot. :)

Shout out to the awesome Soi Fon who reminded me when the Bleach meetup WAS! :D

10-23-2006, 02:18 PM
rofl yehi was so upset bout that, shouldnt have been though....and yes he is and you know it!

Lady Saea
10-23-2006, 03:35 PM
Shouts to everyone...

Leon - no problem! I wanted to do those poses so I was glad you did as well. :D

The prisoner Rukia - you were a great Rukia and I enjoyed taking pics with ya.

Asmaria - You're crazy. And awesome. And crazy awesome.

CatChan - Cool as ever and you might think the Bleach shoot failed, but I don't think it did. We all had fun. So don't fret!! I always love your costumes.

Kags - Great job on your Soi Fon. :D

ZakuKitty/Shuuhei - XD Welcome to the 6th division, my new vice captain. We're too emo and cool to join in. You rock so much and it was great to get to hang out with you on saturday.

Asmaria/Rukia - I loved doing that saving Rukia shot.

Both Renji's - You 2 were great. Btw, who was that female Renji with the awesome (though Lego's was great too!) Zabimaru?

OrangePassion - AHH. Best Yachiru ever. You fit her so well.

LilKrnYuna - Your Hinamori turned out great.

Tousen - It was nice meeting ya and you make a great Tousen.

ChibiYunie - Wheee. I didn't know you did a Orihime! But it looked great. Yay for Amano and Bleach. ^.^

Everybody else. Thanks for making my first wear of Byakuya lots of fun. :D

10-23-2006, 03:45 PM
great seeing and hanging out with everyone for what little time I could. Had planned to do more cosplaying and stuff, but this con was one of those rarities when they got a band I'm in love with so I spent the better half of what time I usually use to change in and out of costumes and cosplaying waiting in lines.... though i did manage a lot of and very quick changest surprisingly (at least to myself). sooo here's my shoutouts

to various people who shold know who they are - thank you for your reassurances that made me feel less horrible for choosing to see a band I love over cosplaying with friends I love even more since it may have been a once in a life time opportunity for me to even get to see them, but cosplay and great friends are going to be there in future cons to come when bands I love aren't. (i think that sounded worded funny)

asmaria - *GLOMP* you're always great and so good to me. I wish I could have felt more up to wearing a few more things.... I was going to wear ulqiorra the game night but I was so tired and sore after the concert I just couldn't... I love the costume, but it is a tad uncomfortable. Could you nag me a little in the next couple of months reminding me I need to remake it....

kagz - lol, you just rock. thanks for making Urahara feel like such a player.

eared inu yasha - thank you all too much for letting us all toss go stones down your robe... You were so much of a sport.

lego renji - sorry i didn't get to hang with you as much this con... thank you for making sure i was okay when i was semi grumpy and annoyed.

arei and kyle (does he have an account here?) - you guys rock! it was great getting to know you both better and I had a lot of fun with you guys.

cat-chan - i wish i coulda hung around you more like at afest, but charades rocked! and thank you for taking some pics and video with my camera during game night.

all the other bleach cosplayers - great seeing you guys again or for a first time, it was fun for what little i got to be around, but you all rock!

10-23-2006, 05:17 PM

I had fun

shout out time

Ulquiorra- Thank you for the ride (even though it was stressful for you)

Renji -THANKS for just being you I cant waith to do Bleach fiction

Rukia- OMG! I dont know what to say but Im glad got to escort you tee hee

Gin - Your so kind I appreciate everything you did for us and twister was fun.

Soi Fong/Aya- thanks for your kind words and PLEASE BE MIND!!! (STEPS ON HIYORI)

Leon Ichigo- Yep never a dull moment and never will be

Hitsugaya- Thanks for the room Ill treat you out next time TIME WARP!!!!!

Hinamori- You where so cute and adorable

pimp Urahara- dur da dur da durp de durp I stole your hoes


Orhime- Our fearless leader lets party it up next time...

To anyone I forgot Thanks for being there I had alot of fun let do it again next time.

10-23-2006, 05:23 PM
Renji- We had lotsa fun, ne? Hope you enjoy your ornament, and thanks for bringing my Ramune bottles!

SoiFon(Kagz)- Thanks for the piggy back ride! I miss my substitute taichou

Matsumoto- It's too bad we couldn't do karaoke, but I'm glad that you let me listen to my image song. It's so cute^^

Shinji- How DARE you knock down Yachiru's Bleach Army! You will pay the price you Twister-pervert! *j/k, j/k* you're an awsome guy, I just like being mean in a cute way. (we should so make a skit about that)

Urahara taichou- you are teh awsomeness. 'Nuff said

To everyone else- I'm sorry I forgot you, I'm very bad with names. Hope you liked your cookie. I'm gonna miss you all sooooo much *yachiru tears* See ya 'round. Time to establish my army!

10-23-2006, 05:56 PM
yes we should Yachiru we should contact me on myspace about it.

10-23-2006, 06:28 PM
To avoid the confusion of "Who were you?" I was the girl crossplaying Shuuhei at the Saturday photoshoot.

Asmaria-The first real Bleacher I ever hung out with after I decided to be Shuuhei. XD Hung out with ya ever since then even though at this con we rarely got to hang out. Always fun and the trip back to Dallas/Denton was much hilarious.

Jonobi-Best Byakuya ever. =P I am delighted to join the 6th division! Very much fun hanging out with you and chatting. =) Hope to be emo with you at future Bleach shoots...and maybe next time we will get you those flower petals....and a dramatic wind.

Tousen-Had to shout out to the Tousen. I don't see too many awesome ones and I did not have my captain at A-FEST. You rock. =)

Cat-chan-For putting it together even if we were not all that organized. XD I blame it on the Naruto people.

LEGO Renji-You are awesome. =) Didn't really hang out that much this time but you're always cool.

Other Renji-The girl one. =) Got to hang out for a bit with ya on Sunday even if I was being quiet as usual. D= You seem like a nice person. =D

Rukia-The Rukia I spoke to Saturday and Sunday hat I know through Asmaria. Fun chatting with you as well. =O

Rupi-I think this is the first time we actually spoke to each other. Saw you at A-FEST when you did those pictures with Asmaria and I in our training robes. You are a fun person. XD

Shinji-The male Shinji. You are excellent fun and an awesome Shinji. =)

female Shinji-My friend. XD I think her name is Iruka Lee on here. You didn't wear your costume long enough. >> Neither did Sara as Matsumoto.

HackerEd-Cookies! =O

Gin-The Gin with the mask. One of my friends that I met at O-Chibi con. On the off chance that he ever comes on here we had fun watching the cosplay contest, yes?

Aizen-My friend Nick that was Aizen. XD Saw him very little in that costume but it's always nice seeing you.

And other peoples I did not mention probably because I did not see them at the shoot or I forgot. >_< I shall mention more as I remember. The rest of you were a whole lot of fun. I always think that every Bleach gathering is fun. Bleachers are some of the nicest people I'll ever meet. =)

10-23-2006, 06:32 PM
UWAH! GOMEN FOR LEAVING THE OTHER PART OF THE BLEACH PHOTOSHOOT SO SOON! *cousin had an asthma attack and things just went kinda ^^;; yeah!*
OH! Thanks Jonobi!

THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE FOR MAKING THIS PHOTOSHOOT SO MUCH FUN NE NE! ^_^ Hope to see everyone at a future con! I wont make it to Ikkicon but I'll definately come to Anime Matsurui! MUCH LOVE TO EVERYONE!

ESPECIALLY TO MY MOMO, KAGZ FOR TEH BEST WIG EVA (I love how we did the last minute change with the sissors lol), AND ED FOR ...WELL BEING ED AND THE COOKIES.

10-23-2006, 07:18 PM
It was great seeing everybody again along with the new people. :) This is the Schoolgirl/Prisoner Rukia cosplayer aka Raver Rukia.

Matsumoto - Thank you for inviting me to come and organizing the room. It sucks that we didn't karaoke, but I hope the next time we meet we will be able to. I hope I can find some way to visit y'all in Oklahoma.

Gin (Asmaria) - Thank you very much for making Prisoner Rukia in time for Onicon. ^---^ Though she was only worn for a day, at least I managed to have some fun with her in photos and the group. Anyhow, I look forward to our EGL Chad and EGL Kyouraku Shunsui battle at Akon. XD

Cat-chan - Thank you for organizing the game night and the photoshoot. Though things didn't go exactly planned, we end up having fun anyways. ^-^ I hope to work on my EGL costume and update you and whoever else I asked. Maybe we should do a Bleach EGL skit or a walk on for Akon, can you say tea party or possibly something amusingly cutesy?

Arei - Thanks for helping me take photos of me at the photoshoot along with offering me some of your golden bears. ^--^ You did a great job on the EGL Byakuya outfit. I hope to see you around sometime in the DFW area.

Shinji (Kyle) - Yeah, I dunno what to say either, but yeah I hope that Bleach Fiction goes well. I'll post the group photos up later on my photobucket account and I'll see how the flashlight pic comes up on film.

Ichigo (Leon) - Thanks for keeping me company and escorting me to the room and restaurant. It's cool about the Rukia keychain, at least I got Ichigo. ^---^ Can't wait to see you and the other guys in EGA. :D

Lego Renji (Parker) - Though we didn't chat much, thanks for the photos and the amusing stories that were told. I'll probably see you at Saturday's photoshoot.

Shuuhei (Julie) - It was good seeing you even though we didn't chat very much. We shall be the flirtatious duo as EGL Kon and EGL Kyouraku at Akon. XD

Yachiru - My one cookie was so yummy. Thank you for baking and sharing such a delicious treat. ^-^

Soi Fong (Kags) - Though that late trip was short, it was fun while it lasted. Thanks for sharing food. ^-^

Hinamori/Pimp Urahara - You were so cute as Hinamori-chan. :3 Though we didn't talk much at least we have a little fun escorting each other. :D Maybe Rukia will make another stop to the Shop? ;)

Byakuya - Thanks for taking pictures with me. Though we didn't really chat, I'm glad I got some pics for it. You were a good male Byakuya. :) Maybe I'll see you around another photo shoot.

Hitsugaiya (Han) - Thanks for ordering the food. Too bad we couldn't chat very much. :\

Female Renji - You did a pretty good job on Zabi and made a pretty good female version of Renji. Too bad we didn't talk very much, maybe I'll see you around?

Other bleach cosplayers: Thanks for participating in on the photoshoot/asking with pics with me/taking pics/participating on game night/etc. I hope you had fun too.

I don't think I got everybody, but it's so hard to remember every person that attended. I hope y'all had fun with me and I hope to see y'all at Akon with the EGL/EGA ensemble. Woo! XD PM me sometime if you ever want to chat online. :)

LEGO Renji
10-23-2006, 11:51 PM
Okay, let's see if I can get everyone in one go at this...

Mel-Mel-Chan (Teh Melanie): Thanks so much for driving me down to Houston. I know you had a really stressful time and I hope the next con goes better for you.

Eared Inu Yasha (Sarah): Without you, the room situation would have probably never been solved. It was great hanging out with you again and thanks for talking with me into the wee hours of the morning on Thursday and Friday nights. We should totally work on the Pimp Renji idea, hahahaha!

Leon Ichigo: Awesome job on the Bankai Ichigo outfit, despite the fact you did turn a significant portion of our bathroom orange, haha. Great talking with you and I'll get started on those props soon as you get me the info and specs. And yes, Apples to Apples shall be present at the next con, let's hope we can get a big game going and that I'll have the expansion sets for it by then.

Rabid Ant (Han): Like with Sarah, it's most likely our room situation couldn't have come together without you, thanks man. Just pay attention when we're calling your name more often.

Hacker Ed: Da, much fun was had. Thanks so much for the ornament, I really didn't expect that, and your cookies were awesome. I'll make sure to save any more ramune bottles I collect for you.

Kagz (Phenix): Though you may have won the twister game this con, victory shall be mine on the next! Hopefully I'll be in costume that time, I'm still upset with myself for not having kept everything on for that. By the way, we must perfect the Febreez `nades!

Asmaria (Melissa): I just can't thank you enough for the incredible job you did on my wig, and your patience for putting it on me was well appreciated. It turned out better than I had hoped and the look on your face when I stepped out of the room as Cop Renji was hilarious.

Cat-Chan: Thanks for being our fearless leader once again, you seem to pull it off well, and for keeping us organized, cause lord knows most of us aren't, haha. I'm happy my Cop Renji pleased you so much, I was happy to do it, you did buy me my chibi plushie after all, I love it so much! Hope you'll be our leader again on future expeditions.

Zaku-Kitty (Julie): Great running around with you again, even if we really didn't get much of a chance to chat.

Saejima (Kyle): Dude, it was awesome hanging out with you, even if you are partially the reason I had to hold a 20 pound cooler on my crotch for a good portion of the 5 hour car trip to Houston! We must work on that Bleach Fiction skit, especially the title, haha.

Arei (Shandi): It was great to see you beat Kyle on a regular basis, always very amusing. Hope you and him get a chance to hang out with us more often here in Dallas.

ShizukuMizu (Worlynn): Great to see you again, you did an awesome job as prisoner Rukia. I don't know exactly what you did to my back Friday night, but it really helped my back muscle relax, thanks so much for that.

Mary: Thanks for paying for my food at the Japanese resturaunt and sticking around for our long convo's in the late hours of the night. Don't be afraid to talk to us weirdoes, we liked talking to you!

Jonobi: Forgive me for not recognizing you outside your Sephiroth costume, you still crack me up with that Aeris doll!

Female Renji (Marie-Anne was it?): You did a spectacular job on your cosplay, especially Zabimaru, I was very glad to have another Renji. I'd still like to know how both of our Zabi's turned out being almost exactly the same length! Hope we'll get to see more of you at the next cons and that you'll join us as a regular Cosplay.com resident.

Aizen (Nick): Great to see you again, it was hilarious watching your informercials and even funnier when discussing the possibilities (heaven forbid) of the English cast of a live action Bleach movie at the Hobbit Cafe.

And to everyone else, thanks for showing up, you were all great. Cons aren't possible without the randomness of new friends! Hope you all had a great time.

10-24-2006, 12:16 AM
to everyone i had one hell of a good time hope to do it again and to mel-mel thanks again for the ride

10-24-2006, 06:34 AM
damn and i thought i was going to go to bed *sigh*

han - SHIRO-CHAN! bwahaha. thanks so much for picking us up/dropping us off. i dont know if you truly know the extent of our gratitude. plus you're an uber-dork and thats always fun. and i'm totally going to steal your TV

leon - YAY MY YACHIRU FOR A-KON! hehehe. i wish we could have talked more but there's always next time, eh? and hantarou will be there to put more spongebob bandaids on you. heheh

parker - yay i loved our talks and i'm so jealous of your lego skills. it was a little too much fun to poke you, is that bad?

melissa - YAY MELISSA! thanks so much for being there for me, i really appreciate it. i'm totally going to do yumichka for at least anime-fest. that will be so much fun. but i'm so glad i got to know you more and i hope we can keep in touch over the next year!

mel-mel-chan - GWAH! i'm so glad other uraharas are just as nutsy as I am

arei - I LOFF YOU SO MUCH! <3 i hope your rupi costume comes out okay :\ i hate it when stuff like that happens.

kyle - WELL I HOPE YOU FREAKING LIKE YOUR NEW SWIM SHORTS. lmfao i'm totally kidding. <333 thanks for being there for me and making me feel better. it totally made my day. and you're such a great shinji its scary :X

cat-chan - ah i LOVED your EGL oh dang what was it, what you wore to the masq. it was so much fun playing anime celebrity, i wish more people go into it :\

raver rukia - <33333 i'm sooooo glad you came! you're bondage rukia was great! i wish we could have talked more but sigh there's always more times? ill try to get your yahoo and chat with you there. yay for the camera goddess :)

sarah/kagz - WTF i live near you guys. i lurve you both though <33333 oh and dont worry ill get the cds to you soon.... er i swear. HAIL ICHIGO! sorry i fell asleep on the way home :(

cindy - do you have cosplay.com? ah well.. you're soooo adorable i hope we get to spend more time with you!

nanao-chan (did i spell that right?) - AH i loved your masq dress!!!!! i hope you get to wear it again! you're such a great nanao. i can't wait to see you again and talk to you more

mary-anne: yaay for marys! i hope i get to see you again. your renji was awesome! i love seeing girls crossplay (isn't it the best?) and i totally hope you do EGL Zangetsu for a-kon!

and to everyone else, <3333. i'm glad i got to meet some of you guys. esp the byakuya.. haha i knew you from your cosplay.com avatar :) i can't wait to see you guys next year at a-kon!

10-24-2006, 09:13 AM
OMG there are so many of you, and im lazy so YAY FOR YOU ALL!! j/k

Eared and Benihime= YAY FOR DALLAS AIRPORTS... not! lol Even with our little side trip it was still a blast I don't know any two other people I would like to drive in circles with!

To the Orihime I reminded no sweat maybe next time I will know too! lol!

Lets see to all the girls who roomed with me yay! It was so much fun to room with you guys ya'll crack me up! So many conversations that should be logged in a book to laugh at for years to come.

RabidAnt and Nakita for hanging with me late night and at hentai fest... eh heh heh heh. Oh yeah and for watching my back when I passed out and the creepy drunk guy showed up. Man it freaked me out to wake up and him be passed out there. Glad you guys were there.

Lego Renji= HA HA HA HA! I PWN YOU AT TWISTER FOREVER!! And we will have to get that picture together at the next con... never forget whos on top! LMAO!

MelMelchan and Asmaria= MelMel you were a groovy Urahara, cause the Soi Soi needs love too! and Asmaria your Gin cracks me up. You two are now my perminent Go playing buddies!

Hacker Ed= Your Cookies are the bombdigity! I heart you!! *glomp squeeze snuggle* You have to bring some to the Akon also!

Orange Passion= It was awesome to see you again! I still have memories from you on my captians coat. Don't worry a little bleach will fix it no sweat lol!

Catchan= Sorry the photoshoot didn't go as planned. But hey it was still fun you know, oh and thanks for dancing with me at the ball. Your Gir was cute! yay Tacooos! Maybe one day we can bust out with some Tallist cosplay.

RaverRukia= You rock, it was great to see you again. And thanks for going to the Hfest with Rabidant, Nakita, and me. Yay for memories! Your bondage Rukia neck thingy rocked too!

Arei and Sejima= You two crack me up to no end. And thank you for the Aya plush, shes so cute! I can't wait to be Aya again at Akon.

Leon Ichi= Thanks for putting up with my craziness, I know I get out there at times. Oh yeah and I JUST GOTTA DANCE!! lol!

To all the Soi's= Hooraa for Soi Fon cosplay and all of its greatness!! lol

And to all the other bleachers. Im sorry If I missed you but its been a broken up post between classes and if I don't stop now it could go on forever, just know your still rocken cause Bleach pwns Naruto! Yay! Shinigami FTW!!

Eared Inu Yasha
10-24-2006, 10:26 PM
I love all my bleach buddies! Bleacher Bums forever!!

Hackered - Fun as always! You such a fun and spunky personality! and you are so huggable as I think yachiru would be! Thanks for the yummy cookie!

Cat-chan- It was so fun hanging out with you! I loved seeing your gir in person! The photos just aren't the same as for real! And im so happy you wore orihime! your orihime rocks! oh! I love your barking cell phone!

Mel mel - YAY! I got to get to know you more! You totally rock! I loved your yaoi moments with gin! But you didn't wear kiyone you fiend! ^_^ that's okay though cause your other cosplays brought joy to my life! Especially go playing, yaoi making, snoring captain urahara!

Speshle ed - Whoo hoo! You are the newest member of my Bleach buddy collection! It was so cool getting to meet and hang out with you! You are a totally sweet person! I love your Nanoa-chan!!

Maryanne (Renji) - awesome renji! it was cool hanging out with you! hope to see you at a-kon

Cindy (Chii) - Nice too meet you! You may have been Chi, but we totally made your our hell butterfly! ^_____^

Orangepassion - YEE! Cute Yachiru!

Nick (aizen) - Fun seeing you! ^_^ hope to hang out with you again!

The other 4 hitsuguyas - I <3 you!

~~A special message to the members of the 10th division homeless shelter~~

RabidAnt - You spaz! how dare you make me do all that paper work! naw! It was fun seeing you! thankyou for all you help with getting Kagz, benihime, and I to onicon and tolerating are large amount of cosplay crap!

Leon Ichigo - ...the mysterious disappearing reappearing Mexican! You were a trip to hang out with! Maybe someday I will figure you out!

Lego Renji - You are such a goober! You are so amusing and fun to hang around! ^_^ you bring everyone smiles with your bricks of joy! Don't change I love crazies! I hope you had fun cuddling with the others in the guys room! Snuggle buddies forever!

Saejima - You remind me of a cockroach. You kept getting into the girls room somehow! lol j/k you are such a hyper spaze your are totally fun! But seriously we could have changed tons faster if you weren't at the door every 5 minutes ^_~

Benihime - yay! More bleach cosplay with us! Your Momo was so cute and I love your urahara hair!

Kagz - You looser! I didn't get to hang out with you much! Is it cause your a snobby captain and I am only a vice captain? That must be it.

Asmaria - YEEE! I totally had fun hanging with you! I love your Gin! You cracked me up during go! Too bad we didn't get around to getting some of the Matsumoto and Gin pics we wanted! Oh well! Next time!

Arei - You are awesome. You beating up Kyle was always fun to watch! And I learned to say your name right! Yay for evil arankar!

ShizukuMizu - It was fun rooming with you! you are such a cleaver creative and neat person! And so smart! it must be all that math! I look forward to seeing you again! Bondage Rukia! YAY!

Random memories.........

Girls room: Argh they're at the door again??!

Guys room: "They aren't ready yet!!? What's taken to long"

Girls Room: "oh wow... there is so much space in here and its so clean....." (of the guys room)

Guys room: "OMG its so messy in here! ...but it smells so nice" (of the girls room)

Girls room: "lets be naked yaaaaaaay!"

Guys room: "what's going on in there!??!"

Eared to Leon - "OMG! you have hobbit feet!"

Kagz to Lego - "you taste like bananas..."

Lego to Rukia's banana - "its a banana!" *fondle fondle*

Rukia finds her banana - "what happened to it!! its all brown and squishy!"

Saejima: "I AM BATMAN!"

Eared to leon: " You look tired. What's the matter? Do you need some mexican jumping beans?"
Leon: "No, Im not ti-- what?! You raciest."

Lego being tickled - "EEEEK EEEEK!"

Arei to Saejima - "I hate you, go away"

Saejima to Arei - "Areiiiiiii, I loooooveee yoooouuu."

Asmaria: "kyle has a lot of energy.."
Raver rukia: "he is soo hyper..."
Arei" "I'm hopping that one day he will calm down."
Lego: "not going to happen"
Eared: "Sure it will, Right before he dies."

Lego: *reaches in fruit chex mix* "where are the bananas!? Banana? Yay banana!"
Asmaria: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Thats not how you eat chex! your cheating! Stop that!"
Lego: "I want the bananas!"
Asmaria: "NO! your doing it wrong! Look. What you do is you reach in the bag and grab a handfull. See, Look, I got lucky and got some berries!
Lego: "bananas!"
Asmaria: "Stop that! its the luck of the draw! You cant just eat all the fruit and leave the chex!" *throws the chex mix at lego*

10-24-2006, 10:50 PM
rofl gotta love the random memories

LEGO Renji
10-24-2006, 11:46 PM
Hahaha, I forgot about half of those conversations. By the way, according to my college friendlies, I apparently sound like an angry guinea pig when tickled.

And let's not forget Thursday night, where you girls had me backed into the corner and I fell in between the bed and the wall and got stuck, in which case you all assaulted me! Darn my sensitive underbe...well, pretty much I'm ticklish everywhere. CURSES!

10-25-2006, 12:02 AM
Hahaha, I forgot about half of those conversations. By the way, according to my college friendlies, I apparently sound like an angry guinea pig when tickled.

And let's not forget Thursday night, where you girls had me backed into the corner and I fell in between the bed and the wall and got stuck, in which case you all assaulted me! Darn my sensitive underbe...well, pretty much I'm ticklish everywhere. CURSES!
lmao i remember that, it was mainly my fault and my "Renji-senpaaaiii"

10-25-2006, 12:04 AM
I do the same thing with chex mix
I eat all the rye chips out of it

This thread makes me happy and sad at the same time, I only hope to see ya'll at Ikkicon. It'll be on my turf, so I can show you a good time in Austin (;

10-25-2006, 12:09 AM
I do the same thing with chex mix
I eat all the rye chips out of it

This thread makes me happy and sad at the same time, I only hope to see ya'll at Ikkicon. It'll be on my turf, so I can show you a good time in Austin (;
i do too..and its the same pieces XD

and i hope to be able to come, then i can show off my wondy cosplay..itll be so accurate itll be scary >:3

10-25-2006, 12:10 AM
Good stuff, I'll need some Arrancar to hang out with (and be emo about)

10-25-2006, 12:22 AM
Good stuff, I'll need some Arrancar to hang out with (and be emo about)
lol yeh, if all goes well we'll have a nice sized arrancar group..then again wondy isnt emo hes just slow XD and cute...gah im so pumped bout cosplaying him

LEGO Renji
10-25-2006, 12:32 AM
I do the same thing with chex mix
I eat all the rye chips out of it

This thread makes me happy and sad at the same time, I only hope to see ya'll at Ikkicon. It'll be on my turf, so I can show you a good time in Austin (;

Guess by Asmaria's standards, we're both cheaters then! Sometimes the Dark Side is more fun.

That'd be great, Cat, on Austin being your turf, that is. Last time I was there, I had never felt so lost and out of place.

10-25-2006, 01:29 AM
This is super random, but I have a cosplay suggestion for you Renji, if you watch the new opening theme there is a shot of Renji and he's wearing a hat. It covers all his hair so you could wear it when that monster wig gets to be too much

The only thing is theres not shot of the bottoms, but you can always leave that up to interpretation.

and I feel lost when I'm in Dallas (even though I'm from there D: )
for whatever reason I can find my way around Austin (kind of)

10-25-2006, 08:47 AM
This is a general thanks to everybody who show up at the Bleach party. Thank you all off yall for such a great time. I hope that we can do it again next con. Many thanks to Leon, Lego Renji, Asmaria for organizing the party.

10-25-2006, 09:23 AM
Memorieeeeeees.... man togetherness at this con was good... well had I been around...LMAO HA HA HA underrankers aren't allowed at the captian meetings!! neener neener *sticks out tongue* j/k

Its cool because we mostly just talked about our coats anyways. ** Ooooh so thats how you did your lining it looks so good** **Yeah its amazing what you can do with blah blah blah** << heh I was really out of it for that one I just kinda stood there and looked down at my coat and then whined for a minute because I handsewwed the whole lining in. *pouts* Oh well...

Arg I have to organise a cosplay party on saturday *cries* Im so tired.... *whines* Oh well I do this to myself. So be expecting pictures of me with my Yourichisama sometime next week YAY. I gotta make up for the lack of pictures I took this con, I got like 12 total and most of them were pictures of the hotel itself... im such a loser.

10-25-2006, 11:23 AM
This Is Going To Be My Signature

"soi Fong Scared The Bums And The Bums Scared Me."

10-25-2006, 09:20 PM


glad to see everyone again!

10-25-2006, 09:44 PM
I do the same thing with chex mix
I eat all the rye chips out of it

This thread makes me happy and sad at the same time, I only hope to see ya'll at Ikkicon. It'll be on my turf, so I can show you a good time in Austin (;


Eared Inu Yasha
10-25-2006, 10:19 PM
I lerve Gin ^_^

10-25-2006, 11:40 PM
I lerve Gin ^_^
well of course you do youre Matsumoto

10-29-2006, 09:24 PM
cindy - do you have cosplay.com? ah well.. you're soooo adorable i hope we get to spend more time with you!

If you're reffering to a shorter girl dressed as Chii, I don't think she has an account here. If she does, she doesn't use it. I can ask, we've been friends for quite a while.

10-31-2006, 11:07 AM
Oni-Con was my first con and my first time Cosplaying, thanks to all the other Bleach cosplayers who made me feel right at home. Especially the one's in the Bleach room who invited me to play twister.


10-31-2006, 04:41 PM
To All My Bleach Peeps: Happy Halloween from Yachiru!

10-31-2006, 05:23 PM
LOLZ Is Yachiru Yourichi for halloween?

Happy Holloween <3

Eared Inu Yasha
11-01-2006, 09:49 AM
nya! =n.n=

11-01-2006, 10:44 PM
Yay kitties!!! Heh I was Soi Fon by day and Angelina Jolie by night... man what a strange (and freakin cold) Halloween this was.

11-02-2006, 01:59 AM
I couldn't resist

LEGO Renji
11-02-2006, 02:46 PM
I couldn't resist

First she demands that she's on top and now this. No love for teh Renji *sob*

Lady Saea
11-02-2006, 03:52 PM
I couldn't resist

11-02-2006, 05:02 PM
It's your fault for playing twister with a ninja P:

11-03-2006, 07:11 PM
BWA HA HA HA HA thats right bow before me the all mighty Twister Champion!! *grins cockily*

PS: I so saved that catchan it cracks me up!

11-03-2006, 09:56 PM
Stupid Twister game! Lable me a pervert will you!1 *starts beating twister mat*